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    pilotbayfilms got a reaction from Julian in Mysterious Bolex-style camera appears from Japanese camera manufacturer - Bellami HD-1   
    Some more info has come out:
    .... hope it gets translated soon
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    pilotbayfilms got a reaction from zephyrnoid in Panasonic: Consumer market will lead on 4K   
    I'm not sure how I feel about this - and I'm not trying to debate - I want to like my GH3 but I would love something focused entirely on filming rather than a hybrid - at times it does feel like some features were rushed or compromised: 4:2:2? Focus peaking? The all intra seems unusable in the hint of low light, I'm also waiting for a "decent" firmware update.
    I would also like to see improvements on the user experience - the camera UI has a lot of segregated options, both in the software, and physical; this might be me but if you're in a rush to shoot, there's a lot of precheck.  
    The video mentions their dedication on broadcast quality so I hope that's a hint. Regardless, I'm excited to see what this news is about in a couple of weeks
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