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  1. I really doubt Panasonic will go super 35mm, JVC sure did it but GH5 as a micro four thirds stills camera won't be allowed to be separated from other models that significantly, yet i really hope that they will go for multi aspect sensor, that is closer to super35 than m43. Regarding sensor size, to my taste the Blackmagic Pocketcamera with it's small sensor is still capable of delivering one of the most lush images around in the sub 3000 $. Im far from pro, but i really love the size advantage i can get from m43. My camera + three lens system fits easily in my jacket pockets (Lumix GM1, Lumix 14mm F2.5 (+11mm adapter if needed), Mitakon 25mm F0.95 and Lumix 42.5mm 1.7 O.I.S.

  2. Still I think it's kind of misleading. I've read many times over how people actually mean to say that f/2.8 on Micro Four Thirds is equivalent to full frame f/5.6 in light gathering terms, which is absolutely wrong. I say do not feed those "arguments".

    I agree full frame has an advantage on how good the noise performance is in higher ISOs but that's an entire different matter that even has to do more with each particular camera or sensor rather that full frame as a whole and that isn't clear in the article.


    Agreed. The Iphones f/2.4aperture is equivalent to about F/19 in 35mm, but we all know that the images coming from Iphone are not pitch black.

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