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  1. I replied to your email though didn't I? Thing with email is, that if I replied to all of them I'd be sat in front of Mac Mail for 24hrs a day and my life would fall apart, so it's only for that small reason I sometimes don't reply to you :)

    Yeah and I'm really thankful for that, so don't get me wrong I posted this just the moment after I sent the mail to you thinking that I wasn't going to get an answer because after finishing the mail I read the little note about "not sending emails about the gear". I didn't mean to be rude so please excuse this and more to come.

  2. Pero que oportunidad de usar el Español y hablar de cámaras al mismo tiempo, y bueno veras eso fue exactamente lo que paso, confundí o mejor dicho asocie los dos términos pensando que se referían a la misma cosa.

    Ahora con el tema de las velocidades, eso si lo tengo bien claro por todo el royo del buffer de la camara y sobre las tarjetas que en especifico las de Komputerbay son una especie de apuesta pero que va comprare dos de esas y a rezar por que sean de las buenas las "de marca" están demasiado costosas y yo soy muy pobre jajaja.

  3. Reading through the shoother guide book I notice Andrew refers to the ML 50D as a Super 35mm raw shooting cinema camera, and this confuse me a bit, I know that within the ML you can set the camera to do a 4:3 crop mimicking the crop of a 35mm film yeah but the relationship with the optics is still like a crop sensor camera right? I mean the sensor is not getting any bigger so you still suffer from not being able to use all the glass and so having to do the Focal Length multiplication.

    I also noticed Andrew recommends using 64gb cards but frankly I can't afford them right now so are 32gb cards still fine? I will be working with a PC close so I will be able to upload the data while working.

    Thanks in advance.

    PD: I decided to make a forum trend after mailing this to Andrew after noticing that he doesn't like to be asked this questions by mail so sorry for that!!

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