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  1. 1 hour ago, squig said:

    You should mention in your article that there's no CF card that's fast enough to record 4K 24p 14bit lossless, somebody might buy a 5D Mk3 thinking they can. The highest resolution I can record continuously is 3.3K 2.39:1, but continuous doesn't mean endlessly repeatable. The lossless compression needs a bit of headroom, so 2.7-2.8K is a more realistic repeatable recording target. I don't know what the situation is with lossless compression for 10 and 12bit, that would certainly get us closer to 4K.

    Has anyone determined if faster write speeds are possible using the latest uhs-2 SD cards such as those from Sony claiming 300MBps write? Two of these cards could be installed in our 5d3's, and one could assume there's a bottleneck somewhere, but perhaps it could give the bump we need to be writing compressed 4k raw?

  2. How is it Europe is shipping before the US?!? 

    @EOSHD_Twitter let us know how your camera (firmware 1.0?) works with the metabones xl, including with the sigma 18-35. I'm curious if they've resolved the crashes occurring while zooming, vignetting with Ibis at the wide end, and autofocus. Cheers and enjoy your new filmmaking tool, I hope to receive mine from adorama next week!

  3. Did anyone address a comparison between these two cameras for 4k delivery?  I think the 5D3R should hold up very well upscaled to UHD/4k (I will need to try that next) but the difference in detail and sharpness from anamorphic stretched to 2.5k vs the GH4's 4k is apparent when you're comparing the two.  That difference is minimized when sitting further from screen, but even my friends (with un-trained eyes) could see a difference pretty easily.  Still they both produce lovely images, I think Andrew is right, these are the ultimate cameras for the moment.

  4. I always knew the 7D had un-leveraged capabilities which is why I held on to mine this long (in addition to some APS glass).  Hope however was waning after 4 years and nothing but a firmware upgrade from Canon in 2012, then a basic ML hack.  I couldn't believe the 50D was showing more promise with RAW development, and the forums hinted the 7D was going nowhere.  Mine crept even closer to my to-sell list, but alas, I shall keep her a bit longer as a handy B-Cam to the 5D3!  I'm also excited for the dual ISO dynamic range enhancements that are available for these cameras.

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