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  1. Did another test with the 50D





    - Used Tragic Lantern by 1% (11th July build compiled by Andy600)
- Mostly shot at 1584x892 and upscaled to 1080

    - 1 or 2 shots in 5x crop mode

    - DNG's extracted with RAWMagic 1.0 Beta 7

- Raw processing in ACR
- Tamron 17-50mm f2.8
    I'm getting more accustomed to the workflow now. I did a light 'logish' grade in ACR rendered out to Prores 444. Then applied a custom LUT in Resolve, tweaked it and added a little sharpening.


  2. I just held the lens in front a 50mm on my 550d and i can see the edges, I guess I'll need a longer lens to avoid this. 


    How about a wide angle adapter screwed into the front of the anamorphic? Do you know what diameter the front screw thread is?


    With regard to closeups, I see people are using diopters. Would a set of these mean the anamorphic stays on one lens and then you screw on a diopter when you want a closeup?


    Sorry for all the questions!

  3. Thanks for that John.


    What's the procedure for shooting with an anamorphic? Do I mount it to a 50mm and shoot everything with that single lens or move it onto longer focal lengths and shoot closeups on say a 90mm? 


    Also on a 50mm it would give a 25mm field of view which isn't particularly wide on APS-C, is there any way to go wider?



  4. Hi,


    I was having a clear out at home and found my old anamorphic lens. I think I bought it about 15 years ago and used to use it with a super8 projector.


    I don't know much about the make and model, does anyone know anything about this lens? Is it any good? Here's the lens.






    I see from this forum that people are using similar anamorphics to shoot with. Can anyone recommend a lens to pair it with? 


    Thanks in advance







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