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  1. Does it?  I read on this very blog a few days ago that some random guy in Germany had developed a raw-capable video camera all by himself in just six months.  


    I'm not saying Nikon can't make a raw capable product. Just pointing out that they are very cautious in regards to the video market.


    It's totally a different argument to be made when you're dealing with the immense effort of developing a product with the intention of penetrating a video market that's been dominated by the likes of Canon, Panasonic and Sony. Being a new entrant to any market, there's no guarantee of success with the competition... and the payback period can be uncertain.


    While impressive, that random German guy isn't going to be able satisfy a large market demand.. look at Black Magic and their long wait times for their cameras as case in point. You can't forget scale required in the business.. which all requires capital.  

  2. It's a camera that has little to do with Nikon really. It's got an F mount. That's about the only link. It's a JVC video camera. I don't know why people who read Nikon rumours are even discussing it.

    i guess it sums up Nikon fans feeling left out of the exciting times we are living with video.


    No disputing Nikon's a leader in the SLR market--however, Nikon fans should understand it's still a much smaller company in revenue and lack the product portfolio of most of its larger corporate competitors. 



    A product failure for Nikon would be much more severe than Canon or Sony. They must tread a very careful course.. ie Mirrorless, point and shoot, etc. 


    Going down the video path requires heavy R&D and years of financial losses.. they're better off playing it safe by not playing a terrible hand with a poor video strategy now. For those impatient with Nikon find solace that it wasn't Nikon that released this horrible POS JVC cam. 


    And besides Nikon glass is excellent and is adaptable to other systems.. ie GH2

  3. I've been counting the days for the EF version of speed booster... 

    I'm really disappointed.. why haven't they made it their first priority? Is Metabones actually committed to it?


    EF version of speed booster will be nothing short of huge news.. Much larger than enabling Leica R lenses

    So am I inferring too much here that Metabones is holding back? Or is there a technical limitation? 

  4. What impact will this have on the DSLR (Stills/Video) market? 


    Can I assume this BMCC 4K announcment is going to be disruptive enough to add significant downward pressure to non-4K DSLR market?

    Why should Canon expect me to pony up $3500 for a 5D Mark 3 when I can go to 4K for another $500.


    With this announcement, I'd rather just go Canon 6D for $1600--to get a competent stills/video DSLR. 



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