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  1. Editing software companies are not going to update for H.265 when there is no demand for it yet. With this camera coming out then people will start demanding it and the likes of Premier will have to take notice. I expect a month delay from the cameras release before you see H.265 popping up in editing programs. 


    I don't know anything about the NX mount, how easy is it to get most modern canon/nikon lenses working on it? will this prove a stumbling block for Samsung when so many people already have some kind of lens collection?

  2. I don't know enough about the external add ons that enable camera's to film at better bit rates and resolutions. 


    but would it be possible for a third party device to attach to the GH4 and make it

    1. film 1080p 10bit 4:2:2

    2. film 4k uncompressed 10bit

    3. not have the XLR ports (as a lot of filmmakers record sound separately), thus making it smaller/cheaper

    4. be internally powered, i.e. not have to be pluged into the wall 

  3. Let me get his right: The Metabones Speed booster canon EF to sony Nex mount will take a prime lens and shrink it down to the sensor size of Sony's Nex cameras... but (when available) the canon EF to MFT mount will not take prime lenses? or will not shrink them down all the way?


    I have been reluctant to look at MFT as im not sure the life of this format, but with the MSB i thought this was not a worry (until i found out MSB for MFT was not as good as the Nex mount version), so that in mind am I better off at looking at sony nex cameras instead of the GH3?


    I'm finding it very frustrating to know what format to invest in as im starting from scratch, but have canon and old primes available to me, as well as some nikon primes. I thought the GH3 or even BMPCC was a good option for me as i have a small budget... 


    I'm just worried that im going to spend all of the little money i have and then end up a year or so down the line having to invest in new lenses and accessories, on top of a new camera. :-/

  4. Noooooooooo! I thought the Black magic Pocket cinema camera could do up to 180fps and thus had my heart set on it! i must of miss read one of the articles on the specs...


    So now as a very poor film maker its going to take me a while to save up for either the BMPCC or the GH3, so the GH3 already being out is not a pro for me. I would ideally like to have the option of slow mo (who wouldn't!?), but the image quality, ease of use and lens flexibility is my prime concern... 


    Considering this what camera would you now recommend out of the GH3 and BMPCC? 


    Andrew thanks again for another great article!



  5. I'm looking at getting the GH3 (can't afford the BMCC) and was wondering if the Helios 44M-2 and anamorphic adapter would work on it?

    I'm very used to using canon 7D and 5Dii, but time has come to invest in my own equipment. I'm just a bit concerned in investing in MFT lenses as they don't seem very future proof when moving up to RAW camera's at later date. I love the look of old primes, but do they work well with MFT camera if you have the right adapter?

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