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  1. I love it for stills and pretty sure BW film will outlive as all.

    I do agree that film (definitely stills pro films like Portra) is not as cool looking as in the past days - like Agfa Optima or Portra VC, those where amazing. Velvia is cool but the price is too high for slides at this point. New gen film is sort of flat compared to old ones. Still great, but too clean too sterile. I say Kodak Ektar is only oldschool color film out there for stills.

    As for motion pictures... like that has ever been available for people like us (students, enthusiasts, freelances, small studios etc...). Maybe 16mm back in the day.

    Just check out Interstellar in proper 4k projection... that's the piece of analog capture beauty. Or Baraka... just saying... we never got chance to use it so what is the point of "choosing" digital when film was never really the option.

    And that is for serious work of course, now with digital the freedom is unbelievable. Just remember - where there many more good poems written when pens became available? Same goes for filmmaking.

    And i do respect your opinion, i am just not as happy about the fact as you are. Nostalgia i guess. However if you compare Se7en and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo... at least for Fincher... is there even a comparison for feel, quality and basically everything picture-wise? Hard not to like his analog stuff more.





  2. Leica and digital is a great laugh. Like really... those cameras including S have ISO perfomance of 5D mk1. But it's good to see medium format going video route too. Have to start with something.


    And spot on Andrew. SpeedBooster for FF using medium format glass is the dream.


    p.s. Back in the day 6x45 was the lower limit for medium format so yeah Leica and Pentax, PR stuff.

  3. What it means is the death of sacrificing video performance just to get the look of full frame.  None of the full frame options currently available, or announced, offer anywhere near the best motion picture performance.  


    $1000 USD camera (why, when you could buy a GH2, but whatever) + $700 adapter cost = video performance that totally curb-stomps a $1700 full frame camera, or a $2975 full frame camera, or a $6728.99 full frame camera, or a $12,728.99 full frame camera.


    That's what this means.


    Take it easy tiger, it's just an adapter.

  4. Don't forget the fact that every lens you buy suddenly has a double purpose (with and without speedbooster). And you don't have to buy f/1.4 lenses anymore, you can pay less than half for a f/2 and have the same light gathering capabilities. Even a dirt cheap f/2.8 prime makes a nice f/2.0.


    For example: I'm interested in buying a reasonably fast (at least f/2) standard lens (50mm equivalent) and a wide angle (35mm equivalent) for my GH2.


    I could buy a Canon FD / Nikkor 24mm f/2 to get the 50mm equivalent, that would cost €300 to €400 on eBay.

    To get a 35mm equivalent, I'd need a 17mm. I could buy some crappy, rare, huge 17mm f/3.5, but that's not fast. The only choice is a Voigtlander 17.5mm f/0.95, for €1200!


    With the Speed Booster, I could buy a Nikkor 35mm f/2.8 for €100 to get 50mm f/2 and a Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 for €200 to get a 35mm f/2.


    For the price of the Voigtlander 17.5mm, you could buy the Samyang 24mm f/1.4 and the Speed Booster, and get pretty much the same effect: 35mm f/1.0. Plus the added bonus of all your lenses suddenly behaving the same as their much more expensive counterparts.


    It is not cheap. But if you are in the market for a a few fast standard/wide lenses like me, then the Speed Booster instantly pays itself back. Plus you get options that aren't even possible without the adapter.


    To me this actually is the most exciting product I've seen in years. Yes, we have seen a lot of technical developments on the camera side. Better sensors, cheaper camera's... Nice, but glass always stays the same. Nothing changes physics. Good glass is expensive. In a way it's nice that this doesn't change, lenses retain their value.


    But now Metabones manages to come up with something that turns this very fixed part of photography/filmmaking upside down. If I were Sony (CaNikon are too slow anyway..) I'd instantly buy out Metabones and release this technology inside a mirrorless camera (with A-mount, just fit the element in place of the SLT-construction and use Phase Detection pixels) That would be the break trough cheap 'fullframe' camera and stir the market :)


    I guess it can start some sort of change in market, we will see right? Just remember one thing - when pen was invented, it didn't help to produce many more great poems:)


    This is not the dead of full frame. Metabones aren´t cheap. The EF to Nex adapter cost about 500usd. How much this one would cost? 700?
    1000 USD camera + 700 adapter cost almost a full frame one...  (If you buy a 5d mkii is the same price...)
    But the adapter is a huge step if you have some good full frame lens and want a new small body (to travel, etc...)



    That is what i was trying to say. It makes sense if you already have all the other stuff, otherwise not so much. I do hope it has enough impact on market in some way, the idea is pretty awesome.

  6. This is a very useful tool and will be widely used. Still - MkIII video is not a benchmark of anything as it is soft as always. Now medium format glass adaper of this kind on FF would be something i am interested in:)


    Don't worry about Canon etc business - you still have to buy lenses to use them and FF cameras are not gona go out of style just because of this adapter. Good crop cameras are not that cheap and try shoot a wedding with NEX7 and this adapter... you be in line for 5D next day:) It has many uses but not gona change the world.

  7. Sounds great, but for a 70mm sensor, 4k is WAY TOO small a resolution. That res is reserved for a 35mm sensor. If this is meant to be digital IMAX/65mm film quality, then the resolution should be hitting 10-12k instead. Hopefully a future firmware update will make it so.


    Obviously not an indie filmmaker's camera, of course :)


    In fact, this is not meant to be IMAX quality. Imax is 15-perf horizontal pulldown, this is 5-perf vertical at best. So ~3 times less then IMAX. Anyways, this should be 8K resoultion wise. I guess final product will do so:)

  8. I really hope so. Some guys
    [quote name='dangerzonerj' timestamp='1344524533' post='15206']
    Well, Canon said the same about the MKIII. That it was in development thinking as a true hibrid cam, remember that?

    I think that things will get hot with BBMC launch. Raw footage and 13 stops of DR. And now something amazing coming with the the GH3...

    Well... My only concern is the big investment on L glass that I did in the past few years... However we are living in amazing times! "Let the games begin!"

    Words of wisdom man! I do recall MkIII being made to shake foundations of DSLR and did absolutely nothing. Imrovements are marginal for video, a bit more for stills if you say so.

    I would be ok to pay 5000$ for body if just they can find a way to fix video issues, i have no doubt stills will be amazing on new A99. Another thing - i am not impressed with Alpha telephoto lesens, not impressed at all. I hope some new ones are coming out soon!
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