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  1. Gang - Need a bit of pricing help for a possible sale. Have a Baby Isco 1.5x and no idea what it could be worth. Looks to be in decent shape. No glass separation but there appears to be some webbing on the glass, probably from fungus. Not surprising given I bought from a guy who lives in Brazil. No dramas, though, the webbing hasn't grown.

    I've shot it on an older M4/3 and FF cameras and the picture is fine. Worked way better on the M4/3 than FF. Since I'm a FF or occasional S35 shooter this thing has to go.


    So the question is, based on the photos here what's it worth? I don't see it often on the eBay and thought our collective hive mind could help. This isn't a "for sale" post but when I do sell I'll post to the eBay.















  2. Hi gang - 


    Does anyone have the Canon EF to BMPCC SpeedBooster? Can you get focus peaking with it? 


    I have it and can't seem to get it to work. I also have the Nikon to BMPCC and get focus peaking. But not on the Canon version. 


    Am I not pushing the right button or is just not available? Thoughts? 






  3. Hi gang - 


    I just received the BMPCC and shot some video with it. So far I love it. Before diving too deeply into the awesomeness that is BMPCC I had a quick question about editing in Premiere CS6: 


    What is the best codec to use? DSLR? AVCHD? Does it matter? 


    Thanks in advance. Any other editing tips besides what codec would be appreciated.




  4. I think it was mentioned on the ML forum that getting the RAW out of the HDMI is a problem due to dodgy colour and other settings applied by Canon for which the math remains a mystery to the ML team. We'll see though.


    kedbear - thanks. I don't have access to the ML forums over here (currently in Afghanistan) so operating out of ignorance. I like this concept. It would just better for me, once I get home that is, to record RAW/CDNG directly onto an Atomos. Know what I mean?

  5. Is there some technical reason why the raw images have to be written to the CF card when Canon just released firmware for the 5D3 that gives a clean HDMI output so that a Ninja or Hyperdeck Shuttle can be attached as SSDs are cheaper & larger capacity than 1000x CF cards.

    I was thinking the same. I have the Atomos on order and would love to run the footage to that instead of a CF card. Either way, I'm excited about this er development. Where do I spend my money ML?

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