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  1. Hi Andrew,


    Great in-depth review! Thinking about upgrading from a 60D to the GH3 and this might seal it for me. Two questions though:


    (1) Is the GH3 really better in low-light than a Canon APS-C like the 60D or 7D? Even with a smaller sensor it still outperforms these two in both stills and video? I almost always shoot indoors in less than ideal light, so with fast glass would the GH3 do at least as well as my 60D?


    (2) I've heard conflicting things about this, but have you encountered and exposure shift in live view when you hit record?


    Thanks a bunch!

  2. Can someone give me a clear explanation of Canon's downscaling? Or point me in the direction of a resource online that does? I have a vague idea but I've never seen it clearly explained. Why is a Canon APS-C sensor not able to deliver "true" or "full" 1080p? Is this something that's really noticeable to the average viewer of web-compressed video? Thanks in advance...
  3. Okay, where are you finding $700 GH2s? The American MSRP is $999 with the kit lens. Here in Canada it's even worse - $899 body only and a whopping $1449 with the 14-140mm lens. I know there are deals to be had in the used market, but even then most I've seen are in the $1000 range. Am I missing some cheap source of GH2-ness?
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