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  1. Really? I found the music video very refreshing, interesting use of the Dogme 95 touches in it as well. 30 fps is not the standard for "cinema" but it worked great here for me, it adds that "other worldly" quality to it since my eyes are so used to 24 fps.



    Good stuff Andrew!


    Yeah that came out wrong, I just meant I didn't see the 5D footage. The video look did put me off however.

  2. I'm almost 100% sure it won't require P2 (UHS-II). Panasonic are unveiling UHS-I Class 3 (U3) SD cards. Still not cheap, but not P2 crazy expensive.


    From http://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/


    H264 codec all intra that give 422 color all intra in 100 mbps. To record this you will need to buy the new P2 Micro card in SD shape made by Panasonic 

  3. The Pocket camera is a professional film production camera IE RAW and 220mb prores that can be used in hard to get to places Like for example flying the thing.
    Assuming this professional status means it is intended to be of a theatrical release standard then why on earth are many even considering buying it then moaning about its lack of decent sound and batteries and not fitting in your top pocket.

    Lets be honest there are very few of us who need the RAW workflow when it is only really for those wishing to release a feature.
    Now on most professional shoots sound is recorded separately so why on earth would you care if it had XLR and great sound.

    PB cites all its shortfalls for the WRONG reasons but then fails to apply those reasons with the same gusto to the Digital Bolex When really the bolex is just so wrong and fits a workflow that doesn't care if it has XLR sound or not.

    The reviews are fatally flawed and do not address the reality of what the cameras were designed for.

    I find it amusing but also a little sad that many are buying these cameras and wasting their money Often based on irresponsible reviews that should stick to the professional nature of these cameras and why they are of no benefit to 99% of people and specifically speak to those who want to make indie films.

    Its just plain absurd to be planning a raw workflow to release on vimeo or you tube. Even for TV and most drama.

    Its also absurd at the stupid comments regarding these cameras and the frills and spills often quoted as missing.

    Many here need to get a grip and stop buying stuff based on reviews and buy stuff you can use and if you truly are going to use it to make films dont ask daft questions about sound battery life and all the rest of the stupid comments that come from ill informed ideas that I can only imagine come from skewed reviews.

    Just well, try and use the old intellect a bit more and if you can't then fine be happy and take the meds as you read skewed reviews and maybe be the proud owner of a Digital Bolex that records RAW DNG's that you show on you tube after shooting your cats.

    Im sure you wont get laughed at bandying about an old sixties style antique looking camera that spells "Look at me Im a moron" all over it. Because you can tell them hey Im making a movie Don't worry I dont need a sound recordist as I have XLR's I dont need a focus puller as I have 3 arms and two heads. Guess what? You probably do.


    Holy shit, dude. I mean wow.

  4. There is no way Windows 8 deleted anything, you've obviously done something wrong when you installed it. Also there are plenty of HDD recovery programs out there that will get most if not all your data back without having to pay a professional service.

  5. I don't understand this post.

    DSLRs are for photographers. They are made for stills and not video. It's just so happens that we have adopted it as a filmmaking tool.

    If you are a serious filmmaker, Canon want you to buy the Cinema EOS Line. Nikon aren't interested. Fuji, erm... No need to bother. Panasonic...they have plans and want you to buy into their M43 system. They get punters in with the GH line, to then offer video based models later. ;)

    So what if Nikon haven't bothered with a video feature in this camera, who cares?

    Technically, hobbyists don't need professional features. Professionals need professional features and therefore buy professional cameras.

    Blackmagic cameras are for pros and lack many pro features. Canon etc, I expect, don't care. It's very niche.

    I'm not sure why ML RAW comes into this in any way at all. The effect this has on the market is literally nothing. It's a hack. It's not a feature of the camera. ML RAW is a discovery, it's not a market leading feature.

    The annoying fact for most is that if you want a camera with better features, you need to get shooting and earn some money. If it's just a hobby, then why would the camera manufacturers screw their business models by giving top features to people who just want to point and shoot? It doesn't make any sense.

    There is a feeling that manufacturers (Canon especially) are not putting in the juice they could even into their pro cameras. This is true, and it happens because they are a business who want to make a profit.

    I don't think the camera companies are out of touch. This forum is out of touch. The camera companies believe they are catering for you, and as we are all buying their cameras, they are. ;)


    Very well said. I wonder what the percentage of DSLR owners actually use video regularly. I can't see it being over 10%. We are a very small market and we are lucky to have what we have.

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