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  1. I've had problems with eMount adapters too - so from here on out I'm only purchasing native lenses. Some of them are too tight and possibly damage the mount. Some of them too loose. Some of them made with cheaper metals. Good ones cost $200+. I think the rental house guy is making the right decision based on the lenses they have invested in. That said, I'm fully invested in the eMount and am excited about some of the lenses announced (28 f/2, 35 f/2 and 50 f/2)

  2. Your request of focus change is huge! I wish my A7s has a setting such that the 55mm f/1.8 FE lens can be set to linear focus instead of logarithmic. Thanks for this request. 


    Below are all my firmware requests I have for the A7s. If you agree with any of them, I hope you can pass the word :)


    • Function and Custom customizability of "Silent Shooting Mode" (A7s only)
    • Function and Custom customization of "APS-C Size Capture"
    • Function and Custom customization for "Format"
    • Deactivate Monitor function should turn off the monitor rather than turn the screen black
    • Improve Timelapse application
    • Allow linear mode manual focus (instead of logarithmic mode such that manual focus wheel use depends on the speed you turn the wheel)
    • Fix "Pre-AF" disabled functionality. (When “Pre-AF†setting is disabled, it should apply to both photo and video mode. It currently applies only to photo mode and there is no way to disable pre-af when camera is set to S-AF in video mode as far as I know.)
    • Allow focus point to be shown when in manual focus mode. (It is useful to know where the focus point is for those of us using AF/MF Control Hold in manual focus mode for video and photography. To remedy this, allow the focus point to be shown when in manual focus mode so that we can use both manual focus mode and back-button focus effectively without having to leave manual focus mode.)
  3. Video on these cameras is something few people talk about and your hands-on gave me the info I needed to know. Thank you! Sony really should have given you the camera right away because you sold me on the A7r. I'll be getting it in a few months after a trip to india and it will take over my Nex 7 for producing short films. Speaking of which, do you think the A7r video is noticeably better than the Nex 7? The other thing I'm a little concerned about is over heating. My nex 7 overheats about every 10 minutes which is annoying to deal with - especially during interviews.

  4. I've shot with the A7 for a full day, you can see the video here:

    Looking at the image afterwards though, I'm not as excited as I initially was.  I loved the process of shooting with the camera, but the image quality is pretty wanting.  As you can see on the video above, the image is quite soft, and moire is visible in many shots.  Hopefully, this can be chalked up to pre-release firmware, but we permitted to judge the video quality based on the models we had, and I'm not delighted with the results.  Once the production cameras come out, I'll post a follow up to the above video with my revised opinions.


    Thanks for shooting and releasing that video a day after the camera was released. When you do post a follow-up, i'd be interested in hearing about the A7r as well since it uses a completely different sensor. 


    In case anyone missed it, Jordan (i believe) wrote more about the video here. Note that he mentions A7r seemed sharper.  https://www.thecamerastore.com/blog/2013/10/15/sony-a7-a7r-hands-field-test

  5. Thanks and do you have a link showing the difference between rx1 and rx1r? I preordered both the A7r and A7 which will be a smooth transition for me coming from the nex 7. I'm interested in getting the one that gives better video quality since I do short films along with photography in one compact mirrorless system.


    The AA filter won't make a difference to video. It barely makes a difference at 36MP never mind the 2MP of 1080p. Biggest marketing gimmick ever devised.


    The difference in video between the A7 and A7R could still be significant because they use completely different sensors.


    So look to the sensor as the differentiating factor.


    The AA filter comes under the headline spec along with the sensor, they have bundled the meaningless AA filter spec in with the CMOS which is crazy. On my list of priorities the AA filter comes a distinct LAST! Look at the difference between the RX1 and RXR and you will see what I mean!

  6. The Camera Store recorded their whole review using the A7. Here's the video:




    and here are thoughts on video:




    What I'd like to know is the difference in video quality between the A7r and A7. Does the AA filter make video on the A7 better? That said, I'll buy one or the other as long as video quality is better than my existing nex 7.

  7. So I guess the profile I posted here didn't improve the video quality for the nex 7?

  8. According to digital visual with an amazing video with the 5n, it's best to use the portrait profile for the 5n:


    His portrait profile is set as follows:

    Contrast -3
    Color +0
    Sharpness -3

    Do you think you could compare this profile with the neutral one to see which one is best.
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