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  1. Tried to capture the essence of the fun, up-tempo and a bit melancholy synth-pop of the 80'ies. The decade I loved so much. I made this with a lot of old gear for the music. As for image I used only a Sony A6000 with the kit-lens and the 55mm 1.8. Some of the shots are also the iPhone 6 with a 4K hack. Most of the shots with that worked ok, but it's not 100% stable.  
  2. RX10 ii music video

    Shot this music video with the RX10ii. Continuous 100fps 1080p and 2sec 250fps bursts make it usable. The camera itself is wonky as hell.  
  3.   Latest in the Ascensions Series for Highsnobiety. Took huge risks with this film, to shoot in harsh winter conditions, heavy rain throughout with little shelter. Shot over three days, we hiked further than a marathon and climbed over 7,500ft, the most intense and demanding film in the series yet. The aerial and natural elements where shot on returned visits to concentrate on time with the model. A more in-depth piece will be released via Zeiss and Lenspire later today i believe. Hope you enjoy my hardest project to date and would love further feedback.   Ascensions is a new short film series that focuses on some of the established, as well as up-and-coming names in modern streetwear culture. Each short is shot amid a vast natural landscape, with the intention of representing a brand’s rise toward the summit in their field. The fourth in the series features Black Rabbit БЯ. Black Rabbit which name originates from the cyrillic initials, “БЯ” is not constrained by seasons and built without the pricing compromises demanded by the fashion market. The series is exclusively released via Highsnobiety. Filmed on the Sony A7SII Aerial Film - 3DR Solo Rig: Movcam A7SII cage Timelapse: Sony A7II Lenses: Zeiss Loxia 35mm f2 / 50mm f2 4K / 1920 x 1080 HD / 16:9 / 120fps / 24fps Music: Wife - Like Chrome Album - What's Between Label: Tri▽angle Motion Titles: Yoke Creative Still Images: Benjamin Moore @photographmoore

      Latest work shot on the Sony A7SII in PP5 due to indoor light restrictions. Time-lapse work via the A7II, all with Zeiss E-Mount lenses. Loxia 50mm and 35mm, final time-lapse with the Zeiss Touit 12mm in aps-c crop. Cut and graded in FCPX. Love to know what people think?   THFKDLF headed out to Bright Tradeshow, Berlin to showcase their upcoming collections and produce a capsule over the 3 day show. Here is what happened. Bright is an original platform which conveys a snapshot of modern lifestyle within an atmosphere relevant to its target group. Since culture is in constant motion, and the influences of its trends are always evolving, the element of its perception fluctuates between art, sport and music. Above all, authenticity is the leading component. / / Filmed on the Sony A7SII Rig: Movcam A7SII cage Timelapse: Sony A7II Lenses: Zeiss Loxia 35mm f2 / 50mm f2 4K / 1920 x 1080 HD / 16:9 / 24fps Music: Ember Island - Can't feel my face Album - 3 Roses x Ember Island Cover Label: Non
  5. Follow no one but yourself

    Hi Friends. I have made this spec ad with a Sony A7s, Gopro 4 and Lumix LX100. Hope you enjoy it.   
  6. My analog synthesizer

    Tried to capture the spirit of my little, but beautifully Korg Poly-800 analog synth from 1983. Sony A6000 with the 50mm 1.8 along with the kit-lens for some wide shots.
  7. Hey Guys! I wanted to show you a short film I shot on the Sony A6000. A great video camera on a budget in my opinion It is my first short film, and it was all shot and edited in one day, I didnt have more time. Lenses I used were the Tamron 17-50mm 2.8, Helios 44-2 and a cctv 35mm 1.7 Hope you Guys enjoy it ! Please let me know what you think about it   I shot it for the Sony professional competition, so if you enjoy it, please like it on youtube. thanks !!   Cheers from Germany Micha  
  8. No Limits - A Short Film

    Hi all, so in the same vein as a previous post in this forum. Here's another video for the Sony No Limits competition! Be awesome if you guy could give this a watch... And a like if you like it  In exchange for your time and patience for my blatant self promotion I am more than happy to answer any and all questions you have of my experience shooting footage with the A7rii. I use it as my main camera for all my work. I still have a Canon 5dmkiii as backup but that'll soon be replaced with an a7sII when funds allow! To give you a little breakdown of this particular film, main lenses and equipment used: Sony A7rii ( 4k Slog-2 )Sony FE 55mm 1.8 SonnarSony FE 28mm f2Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 ISCanon 70-200m 2.8 ii ISSigma ART 35mm 1.4Metabones IV AdaptorDJI Ronin-MBackacheAtomos Ninja AssassinIt was shot, edited, graded by myself. More info on a blog post: Again, apologies for the blatant self promotion but as said i'm more than happy to share any experience if anyone is interested, cheers!
  9. Threw together this video last night. My first time properly editing a video! At any rate, I was absolutely floored by what this camera can do. All shot in SLOG2 and graded using one of the Fuji filmstock effects. The HFR focus/display behavior is infuriating, but I was able to eyeball focus and mark the placement of the matchbox. Hope you guys enjoy.    
  10. Deep Underwater // Canon RAW + SLOG2

    Cameras: Canon 6D, Sony RX100 MIV Magic Lantern RAW 14bit video and S-LOG2 Graded in Davinci Resolve Lite.     Thanks for watching.
  11. Fight Scene in da hood - Sony A7s

    So we shot this, nothing mayor, playing with the boys. Used the totolovision profile on the a7s (surprisingly good, really recommend it!)  
  12. HRVATSKA / Travel short with Sony A7s

    I had a great / weird trip to Croatia last month. I was psyched to get out and film and capture some of the beautiful scenery there, but when I arrived I was kind of devoid of ideas and inspiration. I guess work, the bad kind of work, can do that to you. When I got back I had a bunch of footage, didn't really know what to do with it, how to tie it all together and decided (after watching a few Brandon Li videos on holiday with my girlfriend) to try and capture some of his energy that he creates so wonderfully with camera movement and sound design put together in post. And this arose. I kind of like the finished result. It's not my favourite travel thing I've ever done though. Or, who knows. Probably now just need some distance. Any feedback is welcome as always. Oh, and Sony A7s + Cine 4 modified by Kholi (sorry Mr Reid) + 24-105mm L + a couple shots from my new Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm lens which for some reason I only used at night in slow motion. Wish i'd used it during the day.  
  13. HUF heads to the summit in our latest "Ascensions" film After kicking the Ascensions Series off with up-and-coming streetwear brand THFKDLF, we now turn our attention to established streetwear imprint HUF. Each video in the series is shot amid a vast natural landscape, with the intention of representing a brand’s rise toward the summit in their field. Since beginning as a small shop in San Francisco in 2002, HUF has turned into a strong name in the skateboarding and streetwear worlds. Donning the brands spring and classic garments, the model heads through an abandoned quarry and up to the UK’s largest drop waterfall, showing off both the clothing and landscape to full effect. Video by: Naive Studio <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Filmed on the Sony Nex-FS700 Timelapse: Sony A6000 Lenses: Zeiss Touit 12mm f2.8 / 32mm f1.8 1920 x 1080 HD / 16:9 / 240fps / 24fps Music: Wife - Shards From the Album: Stoic EP Label: Tri▽angle Motion Titles: Yoke Creative Still Image: Benjamin Moore @photographmoore Love to know what people think!   Kindest Regards Jonathan Edwards
  14. As part of my MA program we were asked to create a short clip that tried to capture the experience of getting lost in thought staring at something. Here's my take, filmed with the Sony A7s in SLOG2 and using a DeLUT from James Miller. I'm pretty stoked that I'm finally getting the hang of SLOG2. It's not great to use in low light situations, but I nailed a sunset at the very end of the video, something I'd been trying to do for ages after watching Ed David's Kholi footage a while back.    
  15. The Walk (Short Film) / Sony A7S

    Hey guys,   Here is a link to a short film a friend and I made:       I'd appreciate any kind of feedback from you guys concerning the film.    "Death is an appointment we cannot avoid. The one we most regret." - Unknown  Directed by: Jesse Tugas Cinematography: Gino Woulard Actor: Mitchell Camps Equipment: Sony A7s DJI Ronin Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 Rokinon 16mm f/2 Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 Canon 40mm f/2.8 Special thanks to Dan Harris ** Academy of Art University Flashpoint Film Festival Cinematic Storytelling Winner
  16. Dubai Mall eye candy - Sony A7s

    Eye candy from the largest mall in the world, Dubai Mall.  Shot on Sony A7s in Autumn Leaves creative style (-3,0,-3) and then processed with Impulz LUTs in FCP X  
  17. Low light Samurais - Sony A7s

    Some lowlight action with A7s. Lots of 120fps and shot in very, very low light (when the sun went down, that was it. You can see stars in the last shots)     Also youtube link, though the vimeo one is better quality:      
  18. Sport shooting with Sony A6000

    - Sony a6000 (auto ISO, auto WB, OSS on) - Lens 16-50mm FilmPower Nebula 4000 - Stabilizer FilmPower Nebula 4000 - Rollerblade New Jack 4 Music: Ki:Theory - The Man I Left Behind (Instrumental)   
  19. Music Video shot on FS700 & a6000

    'Get Free' shot for French alternative rock outfit Kids From Atlas. POV shots of viewfinder of old twin reflex were done with DIY wooden rig (see photos) with a6000 and old Carl Zeiss Flektogon 2,4/35. The close focusing capabilities of that lens (20cm) made it a great match for FOV and distance. The rest shot on the FS700 with speedbooster and Canon glass. Contrary to popular belief, inspiration for opening shots of naked man, awakening in a strange house were not based on this director's personal experience...  
  20. Music Video Shot on a7s

    I shot a music video on the a7s for a friend over the holiday. A few weeks ago I finished the edit and I'm looking for feedback. This was really the first time I've attempted a music video and the first time I have ever really played with speed ramping and I had a blast doing it. I would really like to do more of these.    
  21. Hi folks,   As far as I know, very little has been said about this. However, Convergent Design has recently stated that Sony has the A7s HDMI port locked to a gamma curve that is closer to REC 709 than true SLOG-2.   It's true, I have tested this myself and the A7s destroys it's SLOG-2 gamma curve on it's HDMI port.   Here is what happens:   1.) Record a SLOG-2 internal XAVC-S file. 2.) Record via HDMI to any recorder that you have. 3.) Compare both files on a will see that the SLOG-2 gamma curve has been stretched and "damaged". (compared to internal file's "proper" curve on the scope)    The histogram does not lie either, it CLEARLY shows what Sony is doing to cripple it's HDMI port. (hopefully this is a Sony oversight and not a "surprise...gotcha!" stunt.   Sony markets its A7s external recording HEAVILY against the GH4 and it's a big selling point for the A7s. SLOG-2 in general is a HUGE selling feature of this camera. Now, if Sony chooses to cripple SLOG-2 over the port and trap it inside it's internal 4:2:0 codec,...that is perfectly well within their right. (No doubt at all)   However, Sony needs to state this is being done in it's marketing and sales materials!! Sony needs to be upfront about it when they push it's external recording capability!   Statements like:    * "SLOG-2 has been removed from any external recording"   or  * "What is displayed on the camera monitor (gamma curve) is NOT what is actually output over HDMI.   This would be the FAIR way to treat Sony's customers.   This is a huge problem and I hope Sony fixes this soon.   Am I the only A7s owner that is concerned about this?            
  22. There are plenty of discussions about a6000, but there are only few touching a5100. Is there a big difference between both in terms of video quality beside an XAVC-S 50mbit in a5100? I am kind of confused if a5100 has an identical video engine/readout as a6000. In the initial a5100 press release Sony had the following statement: "Additionally, with the power of the BIONZ X processor, the camera is able to read, process and output data from all of the sensor’s pixels during video recording, ensuring that it produces the highest quality video possible by eliminating aliasing, moiré and false color artifacts." Which was later revised and removed. Not sure if it was a copy/paste error from A7s or there was some improvement made in the readout(potentially pixel binning of the whole sensor without any line skipping). But since the wording was ambiguous and kind of implied the direct pixel readout they decided just to get rid of this statement altogether. I’ve seen some footages/test results/reports showing a significant improvement compared to older NEX’es and some showing very little. I suspect inconsistency could be attributed to different binning methods used for 24/25/30p and 50/60p modes. In the later mode engine might do line skipping to be able to keep up. Not sure how plausible is this theory.   In addition, I found this test which I am taking with a grain of salt since I couldn’t verify who did it. It shows the noise level of a5100 to be significantly lower at ISO 6400 compared to both A5000 and 5R. If this improvement is real, it should indicate that a5100 does in fact have less line skipping. And while pixel binning wouldn’t completely get rid of moire and wouldn’t produce same image as direct pixel readout, I will take it anytime over line skipping.   P.S. At this point I am basically deliberating if I should upgrade from my Nex 5R to either A5100 or Panasonic LX100, which would be better suited for non-professional work in moderate light conditions. In the case of LX100 I would probably film in 4K with intention to downsample it to get a razor sharp 1080p.  
  23. Shot in my spare time during a commercial gig.  Autumn Leaves creative style, -3,0,-3. Edited in FCP X with Impulz LUTs      
  24. Sony A77II SLT vs. A7S XAVC-S Comparo

    I own both the A7S and the A77II (which just received XAVC-S in the 2.0 firmware update last week) so I shot a quick comparison today. Download the master in ProRes LT to really pixel peep. To make the playing field as level as possible I used the same A-Mount lens on both cameras and also set the A7S to APS-C mode, which I use quite frequently in the real world. Picture profiles and other details are listed at the end of the video.      I didn't have a lot of spare time today, so excuse the less-than-awesome slider shots. Shouldn't detract from the results.