First ever NEX5 video arrives on Vimeo

The first ever NEX5 video on Vimeo isn’t a looker, but it does help confirm one important advantage over GH1.

Even with all that shaky and awful camera work, there aren’t any issues with mud! If you’re interested in a more scientific approach than that, and dotting the I, P and B’s, this fact is also confirmed by our friend Vitaliy who has been analysing the I,P,B frames of the NEX5’s .MTS stream.

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E Mount compromising performance for slimness?

Above: the thicker GF1 body is due to a longer flange back, which improves optical performance

The Sony NEX5 is a bomb. The build quality of the lenses and the overall styling is incredible. Never before has higher image quality from that size of body been possible, and never has a camera looked so futuristic and contained so much forward-pointing technology. And whilst the new Sony NEX mirrorless cameras are extremely exciting and set to sell like hot cakes, I have some concerns.

Already voiced, are my own regarding video. No 24p and manual controls on the NEX5 for example. Now it seems there are some very knowledgeable photographers who are beginning to speak out, having taken a look at the NEX system only to realise it’s compromised in many other ways.

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Sony NEX7 to rival GH2 in September?

The mirrorless E mount NEX 7 will follow Sony’s next release above – HD video capable Alpha cameras.

In February when rumours of the NEX series first trickled in, we also had information about a NEX 7 as well as the 5 and 3 series. The numbering appears to mirror the Alpha range. Can we also expect a 9 series NEX camera?

Today I received more info from the same source as last time, who got the NEX 3 and 5 specs bang on right.

There is no NEX 9 planned but there is a NEX 7.

The NEX 7 addresses the missing enthusiast features from the NEX 5.

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Sony revolutionise the consumer camcorder – E Mount camcorder due late 2010

Is this the reason why Sony’s NEX line doesn’t yet feature 24p and manual control in video mode?

Sony’s plan to keep alive consumer camcorders has kicked into action today with the announcement of an E-Mount camcorder. A press release just hit out of the blue. They kept this incredibly quiet.

The mock-up shown is not like the pro sized AF100 from Panasonic, more like a prosumer camcorder. The E mount camcorder will use the same sensor from the NEX5 but with the handling and feature-set of a prosumer camcorder.

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Sony NEX-5 release date announced for May 11th, no 24p!!

UPDATE: The rumours were right! Now expect the NEX7 for September’s Photokina.

Sony’s much anticipated mirrorless HDSLR is released in a few days. What do we know?

It will be available in Hong Kong and Japan from May 11th and a limited stock global release that same day.

Whilst an attempt at a global release is good, unfortunately 24p is missing from the spec sheet. Stop reading now?

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