Exclusive – Panasonic GH2 sensor pics leaked

Please take this as a rumour because I have no idea whether it is a prank, or whether it is the genuine item!

Today I received an email containing photos, which the sender claimed were of the GH2’s new 18MP sensor. The photos were sent to me from a source claiming to be at a factory (although he would not say whether it was in China or Japan) and look to have been taken with an iPhone (you can see a faint outline reflection of the outer edge of it in the 2nd photo). The sender removed any EXIF and GPS data from the photos – obviously the GPS data would be a big give away as to which factory – even which office – the photos were produced in. If the source is genuine, this would have caused him some problems.

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Why Canon are right to reheat existing technology

Canon have released the same camera 3 times in 12 months. But here, EOSHD.com explains why they are right (from a business perspective) to do so.

In October 2009 Canon released the 7D. They had developed a brand new cutting edge sensor for the camera and spent a great deal of time and resources on it, plus the new AF system.

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