Panasonic AF100 features uncompressed RAW video

I’ve rounded up some juicy quotes from Panasonic’s broadcast / pro division product manager which you may find interesting.

“This camera (the AF100) delivers an uncompressed HD output, if you want to by pass the AVCCAM codec, you may”

That’s good news to say the least. This means you can record uncompressed RAW 1080p on Nanoflash via HD-SDI. The biggest gains in HDSLR video is not going to be from incremental sensor improvements, but by a huge leap in image processing. How about aliasing? Does it line skip?

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The EOSHD Shootout GH1 versus 5D MK2 – GH1 Picture Profiles Note: The web levels the playing field. Full-screen it on a TV!

Welcome to Part 1, Video 1 – Low light and the GH1’s film modes

I’ve been conducting a shootout between the Panasonic GH1 and 5D Mark II, using everything I know about setting up the cameras and everything I have learned from others such as Philip Bloom. In the Zacuto shootout, Bloom said he couldn’t quite set up the GH1 as he wanted, and it’s clear the 5D Mark II has a less contrasty look with slightly more latitude (but not as much as 35mm film!)

I was determined to find the ‘perfect’ match-all situations film mode on the GH1 before starting the shootout.

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