Full frame or 5K – which is best?

5D Mark II poster

The full frame sensor and 5K are the biggest technical innovations of the current era of digital video, but which makes the biggest difference to the image?

Should we all be upgrading to 5K and clamouring for 4K on our APS-C DSLRs?

Or will a modestly upgraded full frame 5D Mark III 1080p video mode be more significant for the image?

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Sony abandon optical viewfinder

Sony will eliminate the optical viewfinder on all future DSLRs.

Sony Spain let slip in a presentation that the Japanese electronics giant plans to release all future Alpha DSLRs with the SLT translucent mirror technology found on the A33 and A55. No more optical viewfinders and traditional mirror-box DSLRs from Sony. In fact the name ‘DSLR’ will be consigned to history and replaced with Alpha SLT.

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New Panasonic lens adapter in development

Every wondered how the Sony Alpha series delivers a live view image from a very small sensor in the viewfinder housing without cropping, mimicking the field of view of the main CMOS, while enabling super fast phase detect AF at the same time? (Deep breath). Well, it seems Panasonic did wonder this, and plan to bring such innovations to a range of lenses previously not fully compatible with mirror-less bodies.

The adapter features electronics, a mirror system and phase detect AF chip. This allows auto-focus as well as full frame focal lengths with standard DSLR lenses on the Lumix G range.

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