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Is Samsung shutting down their camera business?

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All my bets are on 'nikon nx2' as stated before. Nikon would have huge benefuts from this.


As I wrote on dpr:

They lack a d300 which users have been asking for. They lack a mirrorless apsc system. They lack a high end camera for video and 4k.

Hence a "Nikon NX2" would sell millions, but it has to:

- retain nx mount (to have immediately a nice existing set of lenses, from the beginning)

- have an intelligent adapter for nikkor lense

Probably the most likely scenario.

Nikon may use Samsung sensors instead of Sony ones in a new product/system - hence the mention of Sony/Nikon in the article and the (!). 

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There. I solved the ENTIRE problem.

You're funny. But... I think it all started when Andrew Reid put ZackGoodwin in a figure four leg lock over a Samsung 2/3 inch lens that Ed David thought was morally wrong to support. While Ebrahim ex

There's only selected markets left and the fact that even there accessories like the batteries are unavailable makes it quite likely that a global stop is imminent, just weird that they don't man up a

Posted Images

:) Like I said two days ago on the rumors site:

I don't really believe in the NX-mount to be honest. Sony has something good going on right now. The E-mount lenses can be adapted to both APS-C and full frame mirrorless cameras of theirs, which is already a good set-up for a viable eco system.

Then there's adapters. There are tons of adapters out there for anything to E-mount. Including electronic ones and ones with glass elements that concentrate the image to a smaller plane on the sensor (a focal reducer, making the most use out of S35 mode). Hell, there's even a Micro Four Thirds to E-mount adapter (and not the other way around)! It's probably the most adaptable and versatile system out there.

Just one thing I'd like to see Sony do... color science! The image out of Sonys (except for perhaps the Sony F35 cinema camera) aren't as great as the stuff Canon and Nikon are pulling off. The NX1 even does a better job, I'd say. It's just a hassle to get right in post and the others are much nicer right off the bat. Actually, I'd like to see 'em do two other things as well. No fully articulated vari-angle touchscreens! What's up with that!? The Olympus E-M5II has proven it can be done and still keep a nice compact size. Something else is overheat issues. And they even lower screen brightness in heavy loads as a counter measure. That's no good! Just get it under control already.

Thing with Sony is... as much as they've been pushing full frame mirrorless, we haven't seen much APS-C stuff lately! Which really is a shame. I guess it's because they want you to go full frame if you want sweet features. But I'd like to see a new Axxx-camera with trickled down features from the likes of the A7RII, A7SII, RX10M2 and RX100IV. I also think they didn't really think people would be thát interested in good video from the A5100 and A6000. Implementing XAVCS as somewhat of an afterthought on the latter. Would be cool if they'd up the game with the next one...

Canon is stubborn and always doing their own thing. Saw someone mention Pentax as a possible canidate to take the NX-line somewhere else, but don't really see that happening either. Nikon indeed might be the best bet, should anyone out there actually be considering taking over the NX system. They now only have the 1-series mirrorless line, which is, meh, not all too interesting I'd say. I can imagine they don't want to hurt their pro-level full frame camera sales, what I can imagine is they want a good consumer grade system that just sells like hotcakes. APS-C mirrorless gives customers a compact system and attractive pricing. Although, it might mean quite the hit to their DSLR sales. But by this time you can no longer deny mirrorless systems. People are used to shooting pics and vids with their cellphones, they're used to liveview and aren't waiting to go back in time and use a flippin' mirror with optical viewfinder. The sizeable bodies appear more serious, but by now everyone realizes it's not about size, but what you can do with it ( :p ). The only thing I still see traditional DSLRs good for is autofocus accuracy, because the light is measured with dedicated phase detection sensors.

Neways. But again, if I were any of the big guys out there, I don't see much appeal to the NX-mount/eco system. I might only be interested in their design structure, they manage to pull crazy data from the sensor, makes the others look like they've got Pentium II processing or something.

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Well, if the rumor is true, at least it is not Canon. Nothing too bad with Canon, except that Canon sign on the camera cost too much and Canon tends to sleep a lot, their latest developments were really not exciting in my opinion, not to mention they would kill video features cause they have C500 and the likes to protect. 


Nikon on the other hand, I really hope they will keep the menus from the NX1 cause as far as I have tried Nikon cameras, they have terrible controls, one could break fingers while trying to set up something on the camera (again that is my personal opinion confirmed by many other friends who use Canon, Pentax and other cameras). Can't comment on the high class Nikons, only  had a chance to deal with few lower end models (for beginning pros etc.).

I hope they will keep the NX mount if the rumor is true cause,  I still like the NX1 very much and would like to get it one day. Knowing that current NX lenses could  later on  be used on Nikon NX cam would give confidence. 

Well, now there is only official announcement to be witnessed. And if the thing is true, then the only hopes are that for the NX1 under Nikon new name we won;t have to pay twice as much as we would have had while it was Samsung and that Nikon (if it took over) will continue to develop as exciting cameras as NX1 is. In my opinion NX1 is the only exciting APC-S camera this year, who ever gets NX1 technology I hope will continue making it exciting. The good news to me are that if it is really NIkon, I will finally have chances to buy it in a local store as we have Nikons and Canons on every corner. 

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Me: "You know, kids, I owned a Samsung NX1 when you were little"

Kids: "Was that an early Nikon NX camera?"

Me: "Well, back then, it was a Samsung camera. But even back then, no one knew they made cameras. So they slapped a Nikon label on it and the rest is history. That's how mirrorless Nikon NX cameras started"

Kids: "Wow!!"

I can feel it already, I'm gonna be rollin in camera cred with the younger generation

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That's exactly the case...


Samsung has long been a major manufacturer of electronic components such as lithium-ion batteries, semiconductors, chips, flash memory and hard drive devices for clients such as Apple, Sony, HTC and Nokia.[9][10]

In recent years, the company has diversified into consumer electronics.[11][not in citation given] It is the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones fueled by the popularity of its Samsung Galaxy line of devices.[12] The company is also a major vendor of tablet computers, particularly its Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab collection, and is generally regarded as pioneering the phablet market through the Samsung Galaxy Note family of devices.[13]

Samsung has been the world's largest manufacturer of LCD panels since 2002, the world's largest television manufacturer since 2006,[14] and world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones since 2011.[15] Samsung Electronics displaced Apple Inc. as the world's largest technology company in 2011 and is a major part of the South Korean economy. In June 2014 Samsung published the Tizen OS with the new Samsung Z.

They won't even bother mentioning their cameras in that introduction...

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I work in the trade show industry, so the interesting part of that floor layout is that Nikon is right next to them. Competitors, usually, do not want to be neighbors. It would be perfect if there is a sale or a strategic partnership announced during the show. Or it could be that Nikon wants to get some of Samsung's overflow/traffic. Or it could be nothing and just the luck of the draw. With most trade shows, the biggest booths have early pick for location, but it's usually during the previous year's show. So, the fact that Nikon is next to Samsung is most likely Nikon's choice. 

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So what is exactly the conclusion of this whole story?

mirrorless rumors posted their "official " statement saying they were not shutting down


I think this thing was blown way out of proportion and Samsung PR didn't have the good sense to tackle the issue a lot sooner lmao

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