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Is Samsung shutting down their camera business?

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There. I solved the ENTIRE problem.

You're funny. But... I think it all started when Andrew Reid put ZackGoodwin in a figure four leg lock over a Samsung 2/3 inch lens that Ed David thought was morally wrong to support. While Ebrahim ex

There's only selected markets left and the fact that even there accessories like the batteries are unavailable makes it quite likely that a global stop is imminent, just weird that they don't man up a

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I don't think the NX1 is better than Gh4 for 800 ISO and more. The NX1 is cleaner yes, but the massive noise reduction applied removes the grain by blurring fine detail.
It would be great to be able to choose the noise reduction level for video.

The GH4 has a haze of noise reducing colour saturation over the image at ISO 800.

If it is fine grain you want just add it in post.

The NX1 doesn't have any heavier noise reduction than normal and it can be turned off in the menus. Heavy NR would smudge fine details and low contrast details. These areas are outstanding at ISO 800 on the NX1 compared to the GH4. It just doesn't have any noise to start with. It has a hell of a high signal to noise ratio.

I wonder how are Samsung Camera Division and the NX1 doing in North America.

Probably well enough to see out Christmas but not well enough to see out the possibility of Samsung's camera division in South Korea not existing any more.

But hey, that is just my opinion.

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All this is not all that surprising. To me, it looked like Samsung never treated NX seriously. At least in my country.

It actually looked like they were not even interested in selling their cameras. And even less interested in marketing them.

And that super cool NX1? Those nice high-end lenses? They might as well not exist.  Samsung is not selling them here (and from what I hear, in some other regions as well). You can get the kit zooms and some of the cheap primes and that's it. Imagine if Canon was not selling L lenses in your region. Silly idea, isn't it?

So who in their right mind would take NX seriously, if even Samsung does not do that? No wonder it's not selling well. People are not that stupid. It seems to me that Samsung thought that selling photography gear will be the same as selling home appliances, TVs, smartphones or whatever. And that was a mistake, apparently.

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Let the conspirer in me get out: how can they have made such a great camera as the NX1 (and the lenses, which have always had good reviews) and now they are leaving that market?? It's not like a marketing move?? They are making us pray them to make a NX2??


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Why do people keep ignoring the fact that this is not unprecedented.

Samsung Chromebooks are discontinued in Europe, but sell very well in Asia and USA and are highly rated.

Unless the NX range is tanking wordlwide, this is just what Samsung has said from the start... they monitor regions carefully and act accordingly.

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You know what, some of these comments remind me what Samsung are up against to educate potential customers about the benefits of their system.

It has some drawbacks but mainly it didn't sell because people just didn't "get it".

Philip Bloom didn't get it either... he bought the NX1, didn't like camera, didn't hear a squeak about it on his blog.

Am I the only one that actually thinks Samsung were hard done by in 2015??

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This is probably the statement they gave all their retail stores a few weeks ago, when news of them shutting down first leaked (or leaked the 2nd time?). But all that says to me is that people are connecting dots that aren't necessarily there...

Here's what they did say: Samsung is phasing out sales and marketing of their cameras in Germany (and probably other countries as well).

Here's what they didn't say: Samsung is shutting down their camera business and will seize to manufacture any cameras in the future.

So this statement went from "Samsung is stopping sales" to "Samsung is done." Which... is probably a safe and educated assumption. But at the end of the day, it's still an assumption. 

Until we hear Samsung say "our camera division is done!" I don't think we can know for sure how any of this is going to play out. This "official statement" says absolutely nothing that we didn't already know.  I think a lot of people have run with this and made it something it isn't... not yet, at least. But probably just wishful thinking.

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