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New computer build recommendations for 4k?


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Assuming you're not under crazy deadlines, transcoding is your friend! I ttranscode my GH4 4K footage to Prores and I can edit on a late 2012 Mac Mini, it works great. 

Last time I built a computer from scratch I used an i7 4770 with a Gigabyte board and 16gb of RAM, with a GTX770, and that allowed me to edit my GH4 4K natively in Premiere. No such luck in Resolve, I'd peak out at 22 fps -- I read deep in the Blackmagic forums that to edit h.264 natively in Resolve you need to throw a ton of CPU cores, so I'd have to look at 6 core or 8 core CPUs for that to work.

Personally I'd go the transcoding route, and use your $1000 budget on new hard drives (you'd need them!) :)

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More than 1.000 for sure, but right now, I would buy:

i7 5820K 6cores Haswell E (you can overclock it to 4,5Ghz at 1.3v)

Cooler: Be Quiet Dark Rock 3 (air) or Corsair Hydro (water)

Mainboard: Asrock Extreme 4 X99

16GB 4x4GB G.Skill Ripjaws 4 Red 2133 CL15

2xSSD Samsung 850 Evo 500Gb (1xsystem and programs +1xvideo files)

AMD 390x 8Gb

Buy a good PSU (Corsair AX / HX / RM) and a Fractal Design case.


You have to add the external storage that you need (2x3Tb Seagate or more)

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