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Gear for sale (original thread, please post new sales in separate threads!)

Andrew Reid

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NEW PRICE !!!!!!!!!!

1100€  ! ! ! ! CAMERA IS BRAND NEW


Hi Everyone,

I'm selling a brand new SAMSUNG NX1, 0 ACTUATIONS ! ! ! Won at a video contest. I just got it out of the box to check it and take the pictures of it. Battery has one charge.

The camera comes with original box and accessories.  TWO YEARS WARRANTY Provided by the distributor!

I'm only selling it 'cause I already have one, plus 2 gh4's and two fuji's.... so keeping it is a bit of nonsense.

I'm asking 1100€ and willing to sell worldwide . Please contact me here or on my email: dfx@live.be

I also have a novoflex nikon G to samsung nx for sale.

The adapter is also brand new !





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I'm sadly thinking about selling my Canon 1DC with two Canon batteries and 1 after-market battery and 2 memory cards for offers over £4300 in the UK, maybe to Europe. I f*cking love it but it was a big expenditure for me and some of the projects I was planning to use it on aren't going to happen now due to changing circumstances. As it's a crime to sit on this camera without using it I thought I'd see if anyone else can take it who'd use it the way it deserves.

If anyone's interested get in touch. I can take pictures and answer any questions. I only had time to snap off a quick photo of the shutter actuations page this morning before work - only decided to put it up here today.

Serious enquiries only please, and I can't really drop the price without going into a loss from what I paid for it recently.

<28,000 actuations on the camera. It was purchased second hand and shows signs of wear but the thing is built like an absolute tank so it's in good condition. Colour in 4k C-Log mode absolutely destroys pretty much any other camera I've ever used, including Red Dragon and my Sony A7s. It's absolutely the best 4k and still combo there is, there's something really special about this camera and even though I haven't had it that long I have a real emotional attachment to it.

I don't have the original box so it's just camera, 3 batteries (which are very expensive) with original Canon charger. And 2 fast CF cards - 128gb and 64gb Komputer Bay cards which I've tested and are very reliable with this camera. Add a lens and you're ready to shoot.

If I don't sell it I won't mind keeping it, don't really want to put it on Ebay so trying here to see if there's any interest. Paypal preferred method of payment for all-round safety and peace of mind.


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Selling a C-Box System, brand new  and never used. I just took it out of the box to take pictures of it. I'm selling it for $300 (plus shipping) just to get my money back. If you're looking for a cheaper solution to CFast 2.0 cards on your Blackmagic Design Ursa or Ursa Mini then this might be the way to go. I would have kept it if I hadn't changed my mind about buying an Ursa Mini so at any rate this is listed on eBay  but I'll sell to whoever wants it first (paypal only unless local which is Las Vegas).


The C-Box info & Kickstarter campaign.



C-Box 2.jpg

C-Box 1.jpg

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Joby Gorillapod Focus + Joby BallHead X + Cinetics CineSkates wheels

This combinations turns Joby Gorillapod Focus to a excellent and versatile dolly.

Joby Gorillapod + Ballhead X are in very good to excellent condition

Cinetics CineSkates wheels are almost like new with very little home use. They come with their own pouch for easy transport. They cost 150$ without a pouch if bought online.

Price for everything is 145€ shipping included to all EU countries. Payment via PayPal. I can make a private ebay sale on request, price is 160€ with EU shipping





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Sony nex-FS700E Camcorder 4K Slowmotion E-Mount FS700 (body only)


Sony FS700E camcorder, won via the Sony Production Awards so woned from new and little use as have separate full-time job aside from my film interests.

Excellent condition, any marks shown in images, perfect working order and never had a single problem. Realised when opening the box to photograph that the camera still has all details for Sony Prime Support and i never registered this. Love the camera over anyting i've shot with and only selling to upgrade to smaller kit with style of work. All items minus the kit lens (terrible lens) and an extra larger original Sony Battery which cost £200 alone. Images below and item is listed on ebay with the same title as above.

Any further details via: naive_design@hotmail.com - only except payment via ebay, or payapl or cash on collection.

Looking for around the £3,000 or very nearest offer, please be sensible.

Thank you, Jonathan Edwards.















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Looking to sell the following Sony A7s half cage : http://smallrig.com/sony-a7s-cage-1518.html

Never used and costs 82 dollars including shipping from China. Looking for £35 including delivery (UK).

Reason for Sale: Thought I was going to buy an A7s, but went with an NX1 instead.

Location : Glasgow, Scotland.

Note : Apologies for the industrial images, taken in a bathroom ha!




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CAME-7800 3 Axis Camera Gimbal with case and stand +3 Batteries  Price: £1190, willing to listen to offers

I am selling this gimbal on ebay if anyone is interested this is the link: 




This item is practically new. 
Purchased for £1350. I only unpacked it to check everything was there, and tried to balance it in my flat, with my camera (GH4). It works absolutely fine.
Never used it after that. I bought it for a few projects that needed this sort of stabiliser, but then they got cancelled.
Because I'm not using it at all, and I need some extra cash for a new editing suite I am selling it. It comes with case, stand for balancing, and two extra batteries.








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I'm letting go a lot of stuff. Let me know if you're interested, make me an offer. I'm willing to part with everything for a fair price. I'll make detailed pictures of all the products for sale on request. Can combine multiple products. Also have plenty of vintage lenses / adapters I'm willing to sell or combine with the cameras.

Located in Europe (Netherlands).

  • Panasonic GH4 body - Like new in box, barely used
  • Panasonic GH2 body (silver) 2 original batteries
  • Panasonic 14mm f/2.5
  • Panasonic 45-150mm f/4-5.6 OIS
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II body + 2 original batteries
  • Mosaic Engineering VAF-5D2b for Canon 5D Mark II
  • Canon EOS 50D + 3 batteries (1 original) + 2 chargers
  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.4
  • Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
  • 64GB CF - Komputerbay 1000x UDMA7
  • 32GB CF - Toshiba 1000x UDMA7
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Having a big 'ole studio clear out, so bits and pieces may be of interest to folks on here:


EF Lens

Tokina 28-70 2.6-2.8 - The Angeniux One.



Vintage Lenses

Tokina 28mm 2.8 FD Mount - fun wide angle.

Super Takumar 55mm 2.0 - radioactive, yellow flaring madness

Minolta Rokker MD 50mm 1.4 - genuinely lovely little 50. - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Minolta-Rokkor-MD-50mm-f1-4-/291598702258?hash=item43e4a316b2:g:7GMAAOSw9mFWLNnU


Fuji X Lenses

XF18mm - 28mm equiv.


XF27mm - tiny pancake




B&H Projector Lens - single focus modded.


I've also got a boat load of lens adapters priced to go, see my eBay profile in the links above.

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