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Gear for sale (original thread, please post new sales in separate threads!)

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How about doing that, out of the 'Gear' thread? And Zach, get out there and shoot trees swaying in the wind, a random short with a friend in the woods/city/street. Shoot something and edit it together

I did love it, and still do. Last year I started using the C100ii for convenience. It's light and has all the video features I use. After awhile I got tired of the weak codec compared to ProRes or RAW

Have you actually filmed anything yet?

Posted Images

Good to have a topic for this!

I'm planning to let go some cameras and lenses... Quick summary of what I have for sale now, will edit with more details / pictures if wanted.

Canon EOS 50D + 3 batteries + 2 chargers - €250
Want to try out raw video? This is by far the cheapest way. When Magic Lantern came out with their raw hack, I was one of the first to grab a Canon EOS 50D and started experiment with it. You can read more about it in Andrews blog.

Since then I haven't used it much, but it was a lot of fun experimenting with it and it's still amazing you can shoot raw video with a camera from 2008, that doesn't even have a movie mode. Check a sample video I made here.

Comes in box, includes 1 original battery, 2 Phottix 1600mAh Titan BP511a batteries and two chargers. You just need to buy a fast CF card (I've used it with a Komputerbay 64GB 1000x card).

Panasonic GH2 + vintage lens kit - €325
Another piece of history :) I bought this camera because of EOSHD. Amazing value, back when I bought it in 2012, but even now it's still going strong. Signs of use, but works like a charm. Has been sitting on a shelf since around 2013... Hacked with Moon Trial 5 for high bitrates.

I'll add some vintage lenses + adapter, so this is a fun kit for anyone who wants to start filming on a low budget. Want to see what the GH2 is capable of? Watch Musgo here!

The kit includes: GH2 body (silver), box, 2 original batteries, charger, Minolta MD adapter, Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm f/1.7, Tokina SD 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5 Macro, Sigma 80-200mm 3.5-4 High Speed Zoom. Both Tokina and Sigma have a minolta mount, you can use them on the supplied adapter.


View more pictures of the set here

Willing to sell the body separate if you don't need the lenses.

Mosaic Engeneering VAF-5D2b for Canon 5D Mark II - €250
Must have if you shoot Magic Lantern RAW with the Canon 5D Mark II. I bought it last year but actually haven't used it. Turns the 5D II into a great raw camera without moire/aliasing.

Prefer to sell in Europe. Prices exclude shipping. Send me a message if interested or if you have questions.

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Any interest in a great EVF?

Its an Alphatron which takes both HDMI and SDI with Loop Through (only tried and used HDMI). It has a nice Iris to protect it from the sun. Great eyecup. Nice sreen and lots of great features such as Waveform, Three Pattern Zebra (under, over, skin), False Color, Peaking etc.

Its mostly magnesium and feels very premium.
Comes in its original padded box.

Price at B&H: $1095
My Price: $800 Shipped


  • 3.54" LED Backlit LCD
  • 24-Bit RGB 960 x 640 Resolution
  • Waveform
  • 500 Nit Brightness / 1000:1 Contrast
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 160 x 160˚ Viewing Angle
  • SDI and Mini-HDMI Inputs and Outputs
  • Loop Out / Conversion Out
  • Adjustable Diopter / Manual Lens Shutter
  • Advanced Features Including 3G Level A/B
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I'm planning on changing my current system, and move towards full frame (sony)

So here's a list of my equipment which I'm selling, everything is in excellent conditions, with their boxes, etc...

I'm based in Madrid, and shipping to Spain is included, to other places of Europe can be arranged though.

Lumix GX7 Black, with warranty (bought on 12/2/2015) excellent condition, with 3 batteries (2 non original) - 475€

Pana Leica 25 1.4, excellent condition. - 375€

Panasonic 14mm 2.5 mk2, black version, excellent condition - 175€

Panasonic G 45-150HD, black version, rarely used, excellent condition + polariser filter - 170€

Combo prices:

GX7 + 3 batteries + Panasonic Leica 25 1.4 = 800€
GX7 + 3 batteries + Panasonic Leica 25 1.4 + 14mm = 950€
GX7 + 3 batteries + Panasonic Leica 25 1.4 + 14mm + Lumix 45-200= 1100€
GX7 + 3 batteries + 14mm + Lumix 45-200= 750€


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Long time lurker, first time poster. :grin:

Sony PXW FS7K (purchased 2015/05/15)
Sony PXW-FS7 + SELP28135G Lens (PZ 28-135mm f4G OSS)

Less than 30 hours of usage time. Includes all original packaging and materials. Two cosmetic blemishes.  Scuff on back of LCD.  Scratch on memory door.
Include two BPU90 (Vivitar) third party batteries that work/charge with the FS7 and a 95mm BW UV Filter.

Ships from South Korea.  

Price: $8500





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Hi there, this is my first post on EOSHD !! (been reading for a loooooong tine though).

I have an Iscorama 36 for sale, it's the 'Pre' version, Nikkon mount, basically the good version ! The one without multi-coating, so great for all those cinematic lens flares, it comes with two diopters, a Cokin (1D) and the much sought after (and surprisingly rare!) Tokina ATX MC. It also comes with the receiving lens (which I never really use) and a 50mm f/1.8 Nikkor, which I use instead of the standard receiving lens for its stellar sharpness and extra light gathering goodness. 

So . . . . here's the whole lot . . . 

Iscorama 36 - great condition, no fungus or mould, or trapped flies : ) a few specks of dust as to be expected on a lens this age (which of course doesn't effect your image).

Iscorama receiving lens, as standard on the  Iscorama 36 - it has a slightly misaligned blade in the aperture opening, I expect you wouldn't notice it in your shot results, but to be honest like pretty much everyone else I don't use the standard lens and mount the 36 on a better quality lens like the . . . 

Nikkor 50 f/1.8 - great condition, pretty much as new !

52mm - 49mm step up/down ring to mount the Isco on the Nikkor.

Novoflex Nikkon to EOS mount ring - I use this to mount the setup on my Canon 5D, but you can obviously pop it off and also mount the lens on Nikkon too.

Tokina ATX (super rare) diopter, fantastic for those close up shots, comes in case, fantastic condition, basically as new.

Cokin diopter (1D), great condition too, but not as sexy or as rare as the ATX !

. . . . . . . . . . .

This is for pick up only, I'm in London U.K (Camden area)

I'm looking for £3,000, but am open to some degree of negotiation.


All the best


Lee Wilson (P.S the same Lee Wilson who posts on DVXUser !)















P.S. I'm sure anyone who looking to invest in an Iscorama already knows about their magic so doesn't need to see example images, but here's one of my son ignoring me : )


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NX1 System for sale:

NX1 camera body

50-150s 2.8

16-50s 2.0-2.8

3 total batteries and standard charger

Schott Glass 72mm variable ND filter

All in good condition, the on/off switch is a little stiff but continues works fine. The 16-50s zoom could be little quieter and smoother when zooming but is probably within spec. Can sell components separately, but would prefer to have someone pay cash and pick this up from me in Sunnyvale CA.  If I can clear $3,000 after all is said and done I will do the deal... I would prefer a bit more, but that's what I would consider a great deal, so that's my firm asking price. I will post this on PV as well.NX1_for_Sale.thumb.jpg.c15fff8cbef68eeb7

PM me if you are interested and have the funds, as I'm not looking for trades, just a cash transaction.




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Hey all, selling a LCDVF 3C for the Canon 5D Mk.3/Canon 1DC or 1DX. Works great as a stabiliser and a viewfinder, helping to focus. This is a great alternative to an expensive electronic viewfinder and enjoyed using it on one long trip last year. I don't shoot video with the 5D so won't be needing it anymore. It's in great condition, no scratches or marks on the glass, original packing, a magnetic frame and case.

Looking for 80 euros and I'm based in Berlin, Germany.



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2x SanDisk Extreme Pro CF cards 128 GB


2x SanDisk Extreme Pro CF cards 64 GB 

are not required here anymore because I sold my 5D3 and are looking for a new home. 

In case anyone would like to buy them for about 50% of the new price on Amazon please PM me. 

Will deliver anywhere in the world from Austria / Europe. 

Have a beautiful day!

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Second hand Dr 12 you got for free, ...I'm willing to pay you $6.- for it.

No thanks, It's the third time selling and I've never gotten under $300 :)

And BTW, there is no "free" Resolve. They cost money. If you know a way to get the Full Version for "free" please let us know.

And also, offers are best made in PMs. Your spaming the thread.

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Selling my Canon 5D Mark III. Really good condition, slight mark on the feature dial and a hairline scratch barely visible on the upper LCD. Bought in August 2013 from Australia. Currently a frame around the back LCD (and a screen protector) which affixes to the LCDVF. I'll throw the viewfinder in for an extra 50 euros if you're interested in both. Shutter accusations at about 9000.

Comes with 2 batteries (1 original canon), charger, manual, AV cables, cd software.

Open to offers from Germany/Europe.







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Im selling this very rare minolta 21mm f4.5 on the swedish ebay, you can use the google translate function to understand better. Im shipping worldwide if the buyer pays for shipping. The price im asking 3500kr (400 Dollar) is a very good price for such a rarety.


If you are from here and buy it message me and i will throw in some other fun stuff.


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