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Andrew Reid

Download raw footage from the KineRAW S35

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I have run out of photo space on this forum, but you can see some half size frame JPG on this forum which seems not to re-compress the images so they don't degrade as much as on DVXuser,

Some of those were shot a few days ago. I have a large backlog of footage to make frames from to show and hopefully edit for Vimeo, but the Vimeo version is a shadow of the image quality the uncompressed footage can show since to post on Vimeo I need to compress MPEG4v2 and that mucks up the image with block artifacts. You can email me for original 2048x1080 uncompressed frames if you are interested.


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Kinefinity.com (sm) have booth 2B222 at BIRTV 2012,


Quote: [The Must-Attend Industry Exhibition in Asia

BIRTV is China's most prestigious exhibition in the industry of radio,film and TV and a key part of China International Radio Film & Television Exposition.It is also the only one of such exhibitions which gains support from China government and is listed number one among the supported exhibitions in China's 12th Five Year's Developing Plan of Culture.]

They are also revising their web site now, the new web site will have sample images and footage you can download for compatibility testing with your own work-flow.

Here is a map showing the booth location,


They will maybe have two bodies there to show and be able to answer questions in person. If you are interested in getting a camera they will be there to talk about that as well.

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