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gh2: extra tele conversion (crop mode 1:1) for 2.35:1 cinemascope?

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actually I'm not very into this topic but I was wondering if it is possible to use the crop mode of the gh2 to film in 2.35:1 in 1080p...
If I got that right, in crop mode the gh2 uses only the centre field of its chip (1920x1080). Theoretically, wouldn't it be possible to extend this field to 2520x1080 (like in a firmware-update or a hack)?
Maybe that is a stupid thought (what would be the reason why i haven't found anything about it) but if so it would be very nice if someone could explain that to me then..


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Your error is, that with an anamorphotic lens the dimensions of the exposed area on the sensor don't change, they remain the same, only the AR is distorted. This is nothing a hack can change, because it's caused by a physical lens. There would be no advantage in using more pixels.

In the end, one way or other, a crop occurs. Even if you own a Philips Cinema TV with 2500 s.th. pixels horizontally, your source is 1920, cropped in height as with all blu-rays (look on the covers, most are 2:4), but the TV makes a very good upscaling.

EDIT: Now I see. You don't want an anarmorphotic lens, you want 2500 pixels recorded! You are right. If the crop is FullHD x 2,6, we actually have a 5k camera, crippled only by firmware restriction. I think this should be changed ;-)

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