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Color quality Panasonic V Canon?


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I am a map-maker and animator - who is working more and more with live footage, including a bit of my own run and gun type shooting.  I have two cameras, one is a Canon 60D and the other a Panasonic GX7.  Similar prime lenses on each.  While I much prefer the look/feel/size/versatility and mechanics of the Panasonic, I feel like the Canon produces much richer more engaging color.  Any thoughts on this, anything easy I can do in post to liven up the Panasonic image - ala an Instgram filter?  How about the shooting settings?

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I use 2 Panasonic (GH4 and G6): they are stunning and I'm very happy. The only thing I miss from my Canon time is the color from "Neutral" profile.
But, since I grade every single clip I use in projects it is a non-issue. 
And I've found that shooting with Cine-D or Cine-V without messing too much with contrast/curves/pedestal give best results. Or using "Natural" with contrast -3, saturation -3.

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