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External Audio - Small camera, no mic input (GX7 / LX100)?


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I'm looking at ways to augment the sound capabilities of my GX7 and LX100 cameras for run-and-gun event shooting. Neither of them have microphone input jacks, and both have hotshoes. I'm trying to find a small solution, since these are small cameras, to use with my benro video monopod. I already own a Zoom H1 recorder, but I'm wondering if a small shotgun mic would be more appropriate for directional sound recording.  I also own and used lavs (Olympus -> H1 and Rode Smartlav+ -> iphone) but I'm looking for something to get better sound if I can't get close enough to the action or have access to the speakers to slap on a lav.

Some of the ideas I've looked at:

Rode videmic go (£60) -> Zoom H1 which I already own.  Any tips on how to rig this up to the camera or monopod/tripod?  There are smaller recorders like the new Tascam DR-10c (£200 - pricey), and littleDARling (not yet available).

Shure Lenshopper VP83F with built-in recorder (£300), but it is a bit pricey and I'm not too sure if something similar and cheaper will be coming out soon from other companies, such as Rode.

I saw in another thread (which was looking for audio alternatives) that there are some chinese-made shotgun mics, but they look rather large, especially with their mounts.

Any experiences with small external-audio setups would be appreciated. The first project I'm going to use this for will be trying to video an outdoor winter bobsled/skeleton event at the end of January.

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