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    • By icarrere
      GH5 and Iscorama pre36. The way I saw Japan in  a 9 days travel.
      Thanks to webrunner 5 for his help.
    • By brianmcall
      Please let me know if you have an Iscorama to sell. Thanks!
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Nearly mint condition Iscorama 2004 anamorphic lens
      You have in front of you probably one of the most qualitative anamorphic lens ever made by Iscorama. The is a very rare lens, the last one ever sold on the web dates back to 2013.
      This Iscorama 2004 is a monobloc lens composed of a Leica 50mm f/2 Summicron-R donor lens, and an Iscorama 42 MC anamorphic element (I would guess because of the shape, but the box says 36).
      The lenses and the mount are precisely aligned, so no need for alignment anymore.
      It results a sharp image, a little bit of deformation, and the famous anamorphic bokeh.
      And... to finish well. The lens covers full frame sensors.

      Technical specifications :
      Brand : Isco Germany Model : Iscorama 2004 Lens Mount : Leica R Squeeze factor : 1.5x (1.42x to be precise) Focal : 50mm Horizontal field of view : 35mm Apertures : 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16 Aperture blades : 6 Front filter thread : 82mm Dimensions : 100x82x82mm Weight : 800g Package content : lens, front cap, rear cap, original box You can preview pictures of the lens here :
      And pictures taken with the lens here :
      The item is sold as is.
      Price : make an offer. The lens will be sold to the best bid.
    • By redimp
      Title says it all. Payment via PayPal, shipping on me.
    • By desoxymo
      I'm selling my Iscorama Pre 36 Adapter. It is rehoused by Van Diemen.

      You can find it here:

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