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4k 1" Leica Lens Lumix Pocket Android Phone

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204 grams and 21mm  thick



onder if it's Bendy? Cheaper than a 7DII?


While your over at DesignBoom, take a look at the 41MP Phone Thingy



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EOSHD Pro Color for Sony cameras EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

It only shoots 4K at 15 fps.


The Relonch doesn't have 41 MP. According to dpreview it has a 1 megapixelsensor. Not correct. They don't know what sensor it will get, it's still a very early prototype. What you see is a design concept. The working prototype is more like a existing camera taped to an iPhone.

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While it sounds like a good idea to use the computing power of a phone to control other devices,  the Relonch sounds like a crazy idea, to limit the thing to perhaps one phone, which maybe wont be around by the time the thing is out, would much rather tether the phone so you could put screen where you wanted, but still no way will they get my cash, there will hopefully be far too much choice.


The 4k Lumix is probably just another show piece too, the shape of things to come

4k shirt pocket life cam's, wafer thin GoPro's, with nice sharp wide IS lenses

obviously built for some of the 1% with all the wealth.


CiniGain - Maybe you have your GAIN turned up too much?

Before I posted I did a search and nothing came up, so if there was another thread with similar details the search aint working,

I did 2 searches with alt terms, and was surprised this old news hadn't a post,

I have my info fed to me from various RSS feeds (creature of Habit) & other websites, I'm not connected to any industry links, DesignBoom is because I'm into design, many of designbooms post have nothing to do with camera's, so I certainly wont be posting the other interesting stuff not related to cameras, I have no affiliation to them whatsoever, and nothing to gain, so let me get this straight,

If Andrew Posts it,  it's news right?

How do they decide who pays? whats news & whats advertising?


So perhaps if I end this with, "If you Buy this Camera, your a Rich Asshole" you will understand how I couldn't really give a damn about sales of these things. I'm waiting for something better.


I assume when EosHD  was setup people where enthusiastic about Canon's Camera, and this was a forum for Eos related stuff, but things have changed, so if Canon wanted to get arsey they could possible have a go at the site for trying to cash in on the Eos brand?


Weird Links? I aint got started yet. SO if I post some weird links to my weird video's will I get jumped on for self promotion? Dont ya just Love social media etiquette.


Who here isn't in Sales, I know I'm not, and I am suffering because of it.

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