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thoughts on fs100

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Right now on BH the fs100 with a free metabones EF adapter (after rebate) is only 2500. I've been using a 5d mark ii for the past 4 years as my main camera and although I still love it, it is a pain to use sometimes in a corporate video/documentary environment. 


I figure the fs100 at this price with an adapter that will work with all my current glass seems like a great deal for the type of work I've been doing lately. 


anyone own one and have some thoughts?

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I had one. At $2,500, it's a great deal for corporate and documentary work. I had no complaints there whatsoever. Coming from the 5Dii, it will definitely make your life a lot easier. But for narrative work... there's just something off about the way that the camera captures motion that doesn't feel quite right to me (I know, I've said this before). 

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I'm replacing my FS100 with the A7S. Well, at least that's my intention. I just received the A7S and need to play with a bit more to be sure it will be a suitable replacement. And my FS100 needs to get sent to service to get cleaned up before I can sell it.


However, off the bat, I don't see anything that the FS100 can do better versus an A7S with a Juicelink for XLR and a small rig setup. Given that, plus the 4k upgradability of the new Alpha, I would be hard pressed to recommend the FS100 over the A7S except in very specific uses. Even in terms of perception, a rigged camera looks just as impressive as a "proper" video unit like the FS100 and of course there are times where you need to shoot on the DL and there the A7S has you covered. In terms of ergonomics, the FS100 is pretty terrible as well.


I can see why the FS100 is appealing at the new price (it is a fantastic camera), but with hundreds of hours under my belt with the FS100 I would have a hard time recommending it at this point, given the other options that are out there. (And, you know a FS100 replacement will be coming soon, now that they dropped the price - and chances are it will have the A7S sensor. Of course, it will also probably cost $5000.)

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That's a very low price for a good camera. The 5D ii still has a great "look" though, the FS100 is a bit more generic, but it's a little easier to handle.

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Deciding on a new A camera is a very hard process, I also may have the chance to get a used pmw-F3 (without log) for around 3k, this seems like an amazing deal but I'm not sure      

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I'm still using the FS100 because i do many long medical speech recordings, sometimes the speaker take up to 40mins in a speech, also many of the places are really dark or with dull lighting, so the FS100 is my A cam because of this, the image is very clean and with great resolution with these videos i create multimedia apps, right now i'm evaluating and saving for a Sony a7s to use in beauty shots and Photos, i do own a GH3 and a OM-D but the DR is not the best for what i want to accomplish, still so i really do love to use the Om-D for photos because the stabilization is just amazing, not all needs are the same.

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Had one for quite awhile and used many times. 1080p/60fps, pro audio features, super 35 sensor, good low light among other things.

Image quality is great, certainly better than DSLRs from Canon and Nikon. But definitely not better than the GH2/3/4 cams.

My biggest gripe on why I sold mine, was the highlight roll off. It's all the way bad, despite how much adjusted Lighting, etc. Highlights would tend to blow out almost all the time. That was just to annoying for me. I dont regret it, but i moved on to better cams.

I say rent one out, and get a feel for it first. The make your decision based on that. Good luck!

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