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GH4 vs 5D mk 3 test - iso 6400

Giulio Cosmo Calisse

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Just grabbed a GH4 today and gave it a quick low light test next to the 5D Mark 3!
I tried to make this the fairest possible test:
There are a lot of curve, contrast cine & dynamic range options in the GH4 that influence the noise levels in the image (and give you INSANE dynamic range), so I stuck to the following settings to really compare the sensor performance:
Picture Profile standard, contrast -5, sharpness -5
Hilights & Shadows default(0,0)
I.Dynamic OFF

Picture Profile standard, Sharpness minimum, contrast minimum

Both cameras are at ISO 6400, f/4 and same shutter speed.

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I dont't see any highlight rolloff difference, the 5D is just a little bit darker to my eyes. 

@Giulio, thank you for the test! the Pana was in 1080p or 4k? I ask because in various test I noticed better lowlight performance in 4k 100% than in 1080 100%. Could you compare 1080p 100mbps vs 1080 200mbps vs 4k?

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