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Netflix and the END of the subscription model

Andrew Reid

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When you’re wallowing in self hatred like the UK culture secretary Nadine Dorries, a good way of advocating the destruction of a national broadcaster is to suggest they follow Netflix’s business model.

There is of course a reason untalented political hacks from the right-wing of tabloid journalism aren’t very popular in the creative industries. Creativity takes talent, emotional sensitivity, brains and imagination – none of which the government of the UK possess.

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The best thing for Free Market would be a national mandatory TV license that encapsulates all devices with a screen which costs 2000 euros a year, and the state divides the spoils among the giant broadcast corporations and streaming giants, that way, the Capitalists can use the law to crack down on anyone who does not pay and the economy can continue to grow because at the end of the day, a steady flow of capital is what is needed, what better way to gain that by force?

I mean you cannot even blame them, its just the nature of how the free market operates, there not many ways to force people to subscribe when they can buy DVDs or pirate, the pay per watch could also be successful, you pay 2 - 5 euro to watch one episode or movie, its a small fee but it adds up tremendously.

Add ontop of that ads that play every 15 minutes that cannot be skipped, would also be great means of profit for the streaming business.

Cannot blame them for doing this, they would go bankrupt if they cannot maintain a growth of revenue, its not enough just to recoup losses then the economy would crash.

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I am beginning to believe that TV and the Internet are about two of the worse things ever invented. It has evolved into a mindless void of any real meaning anymore and a great way to divide us all. It all started out with good intent and has evolved into a shit show of epic proportions. Sure, you can learn good things, but it is overtaken with 10 times as much useless info and downright lies.

It's a freight train wreck happening at a faster pace every day. Not getting better but worse with no good outcome down the road. A time sink of epic proportions that is becoming of no good need.

And by the way Andrew a great write up on the matter.

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Netflix didn’t invent subscription based services (and I know… you didn’t say that nor did you mean to sound like they did).

Im not trying to advocate for them either.

But, let’s look at what they’ve done right.

In all reality… basic Cable where I live i.e Canada… has been subscription based - I’m assuming that it’s been that way for way longer than I’ve been here at least since I came here back in 1982. Up till mid 90s… it had may be 30 channels (far more now). But even then it was may be $20 to $30 a month… now it’s $60 to $100 CAD a month.

You’re paying Cable companies to swallow 20 minutes of commercials every hour, watching programs that you don’t really want to watch, and even programs that you do want to watch… they make you wait week after week for the next episode… so it’s an endless queue of commercials, shit programs and some gems. 

Now for piracy… in the hey day… I was all for it. But I can’t do it anymore…. The number of useless pop ups (even with pop up blockers)… combined with some streaming shit that would stop midway… not worth the time and effort (at least not for me).

The price of a movie ticket is about $15 where I live… that’s 1 movie… Netflix is only $13.99 per month. I can watch a movie a day… 30 movies a month at $13.99 that’s way cheaper than watching 30 movies a month at the theatres.

I don’t have cable TV where I live anymore… I have a hand full of subscription based streaming services and that’s that… no commercials… binge watch shit that I do want to watch… And all of the stuff that I am subscribed to is way less than cable tv.

Nobody is holding you to any of these subscription services… if you don’t like it… you don’t have to subscribe or unsubscribe.

But, I don’t think subscription based services are going anywhere… from water to electricity to cell phones and internet (where you need IP service to even see this message on EOSHD.com)… all of it are subscription based… hell… rent, property tax look like subscriptions too.

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