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Tascam is developing a hotshoe XLR adapter to Canon, Fujifilm and Nikon

Marcio Kabke Pinheiro

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The sheer irony that literally in the opening seconds that video starts off with bad audio!

No wireless on the planet, not even one you spend thousands and thousands of dollars on, is going to be as robustly good as a quality XLR cable for twenty bucks or so.

But practically speaking, we can't on a modern film set use hardwired mics. As priority is camera 1st, not sound! 🤣 (imagine if camera dept got told we can't use your internal camera recordings... only what's recorded wirelessly to the 1st AC's monitor remotely!)

Thus everything on set is wireless, and why I've got dozens of channels of Lectrosonics. 

If lockdown hadn't happened, and all the other mess going on, then I was earlier this year very seriously considering investing in a few channels of Shure Axient Digital:

But with what the future is looking like now with all that uncertainty, I'm putting off those plans, am glad I did that. Another local mixer friend of mine is in the same boat, he'd even already placed in his order. But cancelled it once they arrived, because we're in lockdown now. 

A damn pity though, as Shure Axient Digital is the closest you can get to perfect wireless like a hardline XLR cable!

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On 12/12/2021 at 11:04 AM, BrunoCH said:

The full specifications are published


Seems like a great product, but at US$500 then if only you could find the Sound Devices MixPre3 mk2 in stock, it would be a so much better choice, for "only" a few hundred dollars more. 

It is a pity Zoom never made a direct competitor to the MixPre3, an F Series quality record/mixer in the super thin sandwich format for slipping under a camera. 

The Zoom F6 misses the mark, being neither a perfect replacement for the Zoom F4, or a direct competitor to the MixPre3 for the DSLR/mirrorless OMB shooter. 

And the Zoom F3 doesn't quite hit the mark either, aiming for a different niche instead. 

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On 5/2/2022 at 3:09 AM, mjfan said:

@IronFilmdo you think the sound devices mix pre 3 mk 2 is better than any of the zoom products? I own this particular sound devices product

Depends on how you define "better" and for what purpose?

1) for the purpose of the OMB videographer who wants something to slap under their mirrorless/DSLR camera? Is almost impossible to beat the MixPre3, that's their BEST choice. 

2) for anybody with any aspirations whatsoever in the Sound Department? Then the Zoom F8 / F8n / F4 / F6 will all be vastly better than a Zoom MixPre 3 or 6

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