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WTB Camera rig items (mostly Smallrig, but also other brands)


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Hi all,

I'm looking for a bunch of items.
The list is here below.
I'm listing mostly Smallrig parts, but these can be from other brands too if the part and quality is similar or better.

Preferably from EUROPE, to keep shipping and other extra costs low.

Low profile Nato rail(s) (short to medium lengths)
Smallrig Versacage 1584 (or 1750 but preferably the shorter one)
Smallrig 15mm Baseplate 1674 (or something similar, that is as thin as possible and similar in length)
15mm/19mm combo handgrip rosette bridge clamp (or 15mm only like Smallrig 1898)
Smallrig 15mm single rod rosette clamp 1686
Smallrig Cheeseplate / V-Mount battery plate 3016
Smallrig Nato tilt & swivel monitor mount 2385 or 2347
Smallrig Rodcaps 1617
Smallrig Nato rosette clamp 2046
Smallrig Cage single rod mount 1493 or 1549
Smallrig Single 90° rod clamps 2069 or 1104
Smallrig Dual rod clamp 2061
Smallrig HDMI D to A adapter clamp 3021

That's it for now, but might add a few items soon.

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