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For Sale: Leica R 24/35/50/90 "Cine" 4-Lens Set - early 90s / late 80s


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Leica R 24/35/50/90 "Cine" 4-Lens Set - early 90s / late 80s

Leica Elmarit-R 24mm F2.8
Leica Elmarit-R 35mm F2.8
Leica Summicron-R 50mm F2.0
Leica Elmarit-R 90mm F2.8


Optics: Very clear glass - no fungus, no scratches, no haze. Some micro dust specks are to be expected for these 30 year old lenses.
Mechanical: Focus and Iris operate properly. No grit. No oil on aperture blades.
Cosmetic: Some minor cosmetic scuffs and signs of wear - please see photos.

- Canon EF Mount from Leitax (reversible hard mount conversion, not an adapter)
- Each lens mount has been shimmed to make sure the infinity is at the infinity mark, and the distance markings are accurate
- 80mm OD / 77mm filter aluminum front rings from Cordvision
- 0.8 Mod plastic (PA12) follow focus gears, 3D printed by CraftCloud3D
- Custom aluminum lens caps from Simmod lens.
- Please note, the apertures are NOT declicked. Leica R aperture rings can "creep" if not declicked properly, so I have left the lenses with their original clicks, as I didn't want to risk any creeping on set. If you would like the lenses declicked then please arrange that on your end, with Duclos/Simmod/etc

(These issues have not been a problem for me, but I am noting them here to be completely up-front/transparent, and in case you want to get anything serviced)
- The 50mm lens' white paint markings are not as vibrant as the other 3 lenses. They're slightly more beige than pure white.
- The 35mm lens' focus ring is heavier/stiffer than the other 3 lenses, especially when the lens has not been used in a while. When you are actually using the lens, it warms up and is much better.
- The 90mm lens has a dust speck behind the front element. It hasn't been visible in any footage or bokeh highlights.

6000 USD via PayPal
Includes PayPal fees and FedEx shipping within the continental United States. International Shipping will be extra.
Shipping from Los Angeles, California, USA.

24/2.8 - Serial 3635507
35/2.8 - Serial 3362393
50/2.0 - Serial 3511596
90/2.8 - Serial 3616628

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