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FS: Photron Fastcam Nova S6


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For sale is a Photron NOVA S6 high speed camera in exceptionally working condition, absolutely well cared for with no issues with the camera.

More description on the camera:

Model: Photron nova S6 FastCam 800k-M-32gb
Color: Gray
Buoyancy: Negative
Type: A/V Cables/Adapters
Brand: Photron high speed fastcam
Compatible Brand: For Nikon, Navitar
Connectivity: Component (YPbPr), Composite/RCA, HDMI/Micro HDMI, Ethernet, Hd-sdi, Irig
To Fit: High speed Fastcam Camera, Camcorder: Professional, Camera
Features: Accessory Compartments, Adjustable, Anti-Scratch, Glossy, Illuminated, LCD Display, Lens Zoom, Shutter Release, Tinted

Recording rates to 800,000fps are available at reduced image resolutions.
This camera offers 12-bit image recording rates up to 6,400 frames per second (fps) at megapixel image resolution, and shutter speeds to less than 200ns.
All of this available from a camera that is rugged, compact, lightweight and provides the best light sensitivity than any other high speed camera manufacturer on the market.

Asking Price:USD$12800

If you are keen on this kindly contact me via mail
esales2 at protonmail dot com

Thanks for looking...!!!


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