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Samsung NX1 Cine-Superpack! ~Lots of Extras~


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For sale is my beloved NX1. 

Complete with original box, case-candy, warranty, accessories, etc. 

Includes battery grip, 3 batteries, original strap, Samsung 16-50S f2-2.8 lens w/carrying case, caps, and lens hood. 

Varavon cage (for NX1, also w/ original box and accessories, including leather handstrap, carbon fiber rail, top handle, etc.) 

NX-L speedbooster from LucAdapters, one of the original run, converts to EF,  Rare upgrade for full-frame look and extra stop of light. 

Rokinon 12mm f2 NX-mount lens (incredible wide-angle, a perfect match for this system)

Lots of Extras include: 

Fotodiox aperture adapter to Canon EF. 

Lots of NX end caps and multiple additional vintage lens adapters, including C/Y, 4/3, EF, m42, NX Extension tubes, and more. 

NX1 also comes with Vasile firmware hack for increased video bitrate and extra shooting modes pre-installed. (see this thread for more info) 

For the entire lot, special EOSHD discount of $2,000 for everything (will be selling for $2500 on ebay, facebook and other markets). 

Willing to potentially separate some items (such as lenses) but I'd really like to sell the whole bundle together, if possible. 









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New Price on Full kit which includes: 

NX1 (w/Vasile Hack installed)

Battery grip + 4 batteries 

Truly excellent 16-50S lens 

Rokinon 12mm f2

Varavon Camera Cage

Various adapters 

New price for EOSHD members only: $1750+shipping


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