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minolta rokkor or nikkor lenses for cinematic look?


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You know that question is like "which guitar is best to play rock-n-roll with?" :)  All vintage lenses need adapters, and adapters are relatively cheap.  Grab any vintage lens you can from family and thrift shops.  If you want to buy one, just look at videos on line.  Also, there will be differences between those lenses on difference sensors,, g6 (mft) or APS-C or full-frame, etc.


The best lens is the one that gives you a look you want.  I love the Fujian c-mount 35mm, roughly $30.  


Also, you might buy one of Andrew's guides.  I don't know about the GH3 guide, but his GH2 guide has tons of great lens opinions.  You might start with that.  The lens section is not outdated at all. 

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Mjfan :  I've been researching these two myself. There is an exhaustive breakdown of both over on kenrockwell.com


Although he seems to love nikkon even claiming the 50mm is superior to the contax ziess,  he does mention in one review:


"I was never happy with the fast Nikon normal lenses. My Minolta Rokkors were better, giving much better performance wide open."


So if you are going to be shooting wide open a lot such as low light or trying to squeeze bokeh out of a smaller sensor camera the rokkors might be a better pick.




which type of vintage lens is better for a cinema-like image on a g6? would like to stay on one system, thanks!


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Minolta's are much cheaper in general, because they don't fit on dslr's so they are less popular than the Nikkors (that will fit on nikon and canon dslr's). I have a lot of them, picked them up for peanuts.


Advantage of Nikkors is that you can use them in combination with a speed booster on a G6. So if you are thinking about getting a speedbooster Nikon would be a better choice.

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which vintage lens is better for a cinema-like image


For making truly "Cinema-Like" images?  I don't think it really matters.  Having the skill to make those "Cinema-Like" images does.  Once you can utilize that skill effectively, then you can use that wisdom to make smart choices.


You can't just walk outside and randomly point a camera with an old lens on it and have the lens create cinema magic.  There's just way too much more involved with it than that.


That being said, yes, all lenses have different characteristics.  Knowing which ones to use in order to support the narrative is the key.  I've shot an entire film with a cheap uncoated 50mm lens from the 60's because the flawed visuals it created supported that particular story.  or...at least that's how I rationalized it. ;-)

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There's a SpeedBooster for Minolta lenses, too, you know.


Good point! Personally I'd still go for Nikon in that case, because you can also use modern glass like the Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 on the Nikon mount. But if you are planning to go Minolta all the way, that might be a perfect solution.

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