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Abraham Torna

BMPCC Lens choice for Videoclips and Short Films starting career.

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You can control the Sigma's aperture with a Nikon G adapter. That's the whole point.

There are Nikon G and Nikon F adapters. The G version is for lenses with auto apertures.

There are a lot of video reviews on Youtube and articles all over the web on the Sigma/Pocket combo.


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Sorry I understand now what the mecanism of the Nikon mount lens are, the about adaptor DO work with the Sigma !!!, with a very short travel but WORK.


At the end I buy two Metabones, the pasive one and the pocket (yesterday recieve confirmation on delivery from preorder)


And I Buy the Sigma 18-35 !!!


I only need to find an excelent Variant ND and UV Filter for this lens, Filter lens Size 72 ?!?

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I only need to find an excelent Variant ND and UV Filter for this lens, Filter lens Size 72 ?!?


You need an IR-filter more urgently, because the sensor has none. This one was tested for BMCC with best results by Abel Cine, Shane Hurlbut and Ryan E Walters. 


Also the Tiffen VariND seems to be the best in sharpness, very little vignetting and very little color cast, compared to Polaroid, Heliopan, Genus and others by Dave Dugdale.


There is a recommendation to rather go with these, which combine IR (@ 680nm, best for the BMPCC sensor) with ND. However, I try the IR-blocker (leave it on always!) and the ND-fader on top. Takes approx. one more week to pass german customs, you could wait for my experiences. Or you trust blackmagicuser Frank Glencairn (the DOP of the BMPCC-ProRes-clip THE ONE you linked to earlier), who also uses IR & ND-fader and says no problem.

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The Tiffen's have come out a little underwhelming in a couple of user tests.

The latest suggestion is Hoya Pro ND's and the Hoya IR Cut.


Yes, I read this too. The recommended Hoya set, which has not yet been fully reviewed, would cost me a small fortune. The disappointment about the Tiffens (i.e. in reduser and bmuser) seems to be about 'color inconsistencies' and may be the case for the Indie-Pro set. The IR-cut-filter alone (non-dichroic, ideal cut-off-length) was confirmed to be the best (for the BMCC though, but this has practically the same sensor) in at least three rather scientifically performed tests:


And an ND fader is a compromise anyway. What is more, as Wolfcrows The Complete BlackMagicPocketCinemaCamera Guide points out, there is no such thing as color consistency if you are confronted with raw. One has to even every single shot anyway, so a minor cast doesn't add much of a problem. But I maybe wrong, as I said, I had no chance to test this combi myself yet.

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Good choice for the Sigma 18-35mm + 2 adapters.


Since you have $900 left, I would recommend getting an autofocus lens such as the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 ($400). Since it's your main camera, there will be times where you want to just go around town or hike in the woods and get interesting shots, for smaller projects. The autofocus would help. Also the BMPCC's screen is small and it's hard to make sure there's focus (even with focus peaking on). And finally, with the 20mm, it will become truly pocketable.

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OK, sorry about late response but I was moving and in the translation I broke my only SD card for the bmpcc, (I blended in the slot of my iMac). So I can't test anything until I recieve my two more sd cards.
Anyways, I'm very excited about my purchases largely thanks to your advice:
I have experience problems with my new metabones speedbooster for the bmpcc because it don't fit even with a strong way to forced, so I get back to B&H and they rigth now are backorder so have to wait until end of january, very frustrating, and very bad QC from Metabones indeed because seems that I'm not the only one.
I buy the Metabone Nikon-MFT passive too, and this one work flawless, and is way more better than the fotodiox (that snap in the ends and the travel is way too short), and the Tripod Mount is invaluable in lens like Sigma.
About Sigma, is a heave lens, with this lens you NEED a monopod or Tripod, I like the idea of the monopod and the freedom that bring with him, I was looking for this two:
Both are not sheep at all
So if you have a better option or a combo Tripod+Monopod that has good reviews I will be happy to hear your options
BTW: Sigma front cap is woeful!.

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On the Manfrotto, I checked it out in my local video store, and also it's smaller cousin. I ended up buying the smaller one because the one you're looking at is quite big and chunky, and I knew I would end up not using it much - carrying it around a city all day, taking it on flights etc...

That's just me though.

The head on the smaller one is very basic, but I just know I'm more likely to use the thinner, lighter monopod.


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BTW: Sigma front cap is woeful!.


You are right. A good way to protect your expensive lens is to leave on a cheap UV filter. I never did, because I hate to have to permanently screw something, and as Ken Rockwell in his Sigma review pointed out, the filter mount is not that good. So I bought these.

I didn't receive my Tiffens yet, but the idea is to leave the IR-cut-filter on (and forget about the shitty lenscap) with a lens adapter in front onto which I snap the ND fader.


About Sigma, is a heave lens, with this lens you NEED a monopod or Tripod, I like the idea of the monopod and the freedom that bring with him, I was looking for this two:



I suggest a cheaper solution that I bought. With this (or sth. like this), you can add a stabilization point. The description says it weighs 499g, but it's actually much lighter. As soon as the Zacuto loupe arrives, I will have four-point-stabilization (right hand on camera grip, left hand on lens, this support on the breast bone, Zacuto eyepiece pressed to right eye). But it already works now. I have a (very cheap) monopod also, but it will move when I i.e. change the focus.


The definite tripod if you are looking for a decent pan head is the ACE.

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Abraham Torna tengo exactamente tu misma inquietud! comprar el sigma + el metabones speed booster o los samyang?

veo que los samyang los usan a nivel profesional para hecr cine y el sigma no..

en la pagina de B&H esta disponible el metabones speed booster para NIKON G lo podria usar en el sigma 18-35?

ojala sepas español leo las explicaciones pero no las entiendo..

ayudame porfa.. muchas gracias

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