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WTB: Any APS-C Sized Mosaic Engineering Filter (Canon)

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On 2/13/2020 at 11:49 PM, Zach Goodwin2 said:

Canon Rebel Series or Canon 7D series?

This is the Canon Rebel filter:


and this is the Canon 7D filter:


I got the Rebel filter off the store they had.

Are they still in business? They haven't responded to my emails and all items on their site are back ordered. My goal is to actually use it for my eos-m. Another user was able to get great results buy sticking this filter inside the ef-efm dummy adapter. Not ideal, but it works as long as the filer is the smaller aps-c sized ones. 

Buying the filter new is a bit pricey and out of my budget though so really hoping I can find one used. 

There is actually one on ebay right now but made for Nikon. Do you know if there is any significant difference in the glass material between canon and nikon?

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