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I Need Urgent Help

Dan Wake

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I ask you sorry if this request seems a little bit intrusive. Today (in 4h) I will go to see one used video tripod and I wish to ask you if it's a deal or it's better to leave.  I had to open this topic few days ago, maybe now I'm "a little  bit" in late. :)


the tripod is Manfrotto 525MVB + 501HDV. price 390 euro.


thaks for your help! :)

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525MVB is heavy and very sturdy. I have the same tripod for my 503HDV head.


Weight and size is a bit of a downside, it's not a tripod I bring with me when I'm traveling. However, it is stable in use and my impression is that it needs some serious beating to break it.


I paid somewhere around 550-600 euro for my 503HDV head + the 525 tripod used, but in good condition. New price for 503HDV + 525 used to be around 7000 SEK here in Sweden, which is around 780-800 euro.


So, the price of 390 euro isn't probably a crazy good deal, but an ok price.

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thank you, at the end I saw it and I had the same impressions about the heavy and very sturdy built. I hope to find a good approach with the 501hdv head because I have read many bad reviews especially about panning, but I do not want to start biased.



sorry again for the intrusive topic. :) (ah was me to rate the topic one star XD).

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