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Wireless HDMI/SDI - Portkeys Claymore

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this Portkeys wireless video transmitter is now up for a sale. If you have Portkeys HH7 or HH7T monitor, you can attach the reciever via dedicated port.

Condition: Used on two-three shoots, no scratches, no visible signs of wear, like brand new. Also comes with a(n ABS) hard case. Also comes with 3 canon LP-E6 batteries.

Reason: upgrading to Teradek.


*SDI and HDMI input/out
*Support to refract signal from wall when use indoor
*Built-in aerial,small size,light weight,low power consumption

*Frequency Band:60G
*Transmitting Angle:160°
*Transmitting Range: Gimbal,Stabilizer.Better to downwards to the groud (Empty Area-30M)
*Signal Type:3G-SDI/HDMI Cross Conversion,Through-out
*System Power Supply:Canon E6 Battery/7-24V mini XLR Power Interface
*Power Consumption:7.5W
*Material:PC Plastic,Aluminium Alloy,Carbon Fiber

*Frequency Band:60G
*Transmitting Angle:160°
*Signal Type:HDMI
*System Power Supply:USB 5V Power Interface
*Power Consumption:3W
*Material:Aluminium Alloy,Tempered Glass,Carbon Fiber

Package Included:
1×Claymore TX
1×Claymore RX
2×1/4 Screws
1×50cm SDI Cable
1×30cm USB Cable
1×Mini XLR to D-tap Cable
1×300cm SDI Cable
1×Safety Box


Here's a review (not mine)


Price: 580 euros (+PP fees). Price on Amazon is 709 GBP.

Shipping from Slovakia to the countires of the European Union for 14 euros with DHL Parcel. 











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