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Anamorphic Moller 32/2x Anamorphot w/ RedStan Clamp (52mm other end) US/International options


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The Moller 32/2X is known to be a very good lens to achieve filmic results when wanting to shoot anamorphic content. It adds a lot of character. Considering the age, this is very good shape, with only slight marks on front (mostly) and rear (slightly) elements. See pictures. 

Also included is a RedStan clamp, which is known to be high quality. It has a 52mm thread on the other end. I have tested it successfully with a Panasonic 45-150 lens which happens to be 52mm. 

Some footage testing of the Moller 32/2x taken with Panasonic G9, Panasonic 45-150. Shot at 4K/60P - desqueezed, and slowed down to 24P. Note that not everything is in focus at all times.. also played with various settings. After I was done, I realized I had not properly aligned the Moller, so most footage is a bit crooked...

Youtube Link: 

Test Footage on Youtube


Setting price at $500 including USPS Priority (insured) shipping & Paypal fee. US only for this arrangement. If you want international, the requirements are: Only Paypal Gift accepted, and you cover shipping up front as part of payment ($475 for lens+Shipping). (before payment I can research shipping options).



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