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Zach Goodwin2

How Does This Production Company Name Sound?

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19 hours ago, Zach Goodwin2 said:

I may have based the name simple man off the Leonard Skynard Song:


cool. now i like it. love skynard!

i wouldnt worry about copyright issues, bc frankly they dont own the term "simple man", while on the other hand, if you called your company Sweet Home Alabama Llc, that.... might not fly lol



im doing sooo many things rn omg

- preproducing SIX different short films by Me (theyre gonna be rad lol. first ones in a cave!)

- WRITING a new feature with my genius new WRITING PARTNER (!!!!)

- writing COMEDY bc it turns out that we're both super funny??!

- AND i have a day job?!?!?!????




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@kaylee I do not agree, neither with the rather specific approach towards us as the audience of your post. Zach has proven a lot of mindfulness, vocal talent and passion. He is an author. Not every talent is expressed in every mans manners. Awesome stuff out there to embrace.

Good Win Film Production, if you wanna work your ass off in the field. Not easy, as you and we know, to have a company. I rather work as a gaffer than trying to approach customers or finaciers. Other people are pretty good in that. For me it would be a big step.

GoodWin Film, like mercer suggested. An adequate, beautiful and professional name.

19 minutes ago, kaylee said:



this as a general message to all of us, I appreciate! to get out there, experience the world, enjoy the work, repairing c-stands, doing the hard job in the lighting department, enjoying the sweat and the pay of professional filmshoots. getting out there is beautiful. or staying at the desk writing. or both.

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4 hours ago, kaylee said:

im sorry, must have the wrong zach! my bad!

is the right and only one. To get our tush movin and to get out and work and enjoy the hard work, now, that was a great response from you in my opinion. The other part, I think, was not proactively nice nor fitting, to say the least. Please let´s focus on the "getting the job done" attitude, which everyone should have the pleasure to experience. Juri Gagarin, the first man in outerspace once said something like this: amazing grace the man who enjoys the work he is doing! He was one of the most achieving but also most humble persons of his time and age.

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