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One light to rule them all???


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I have always felt that film lighting, divides light fixtures into too many different types, forcing you to buy one for each kind of requirement, with no great cross usage success across different fixtures. So whether you require something with a 10-15°beam angle or something that is 120°, or whether you require some soft ambient kind of light or something that replaces a hars light light an HMI, you are stuck with the idea of having to pick up multiple fixtures, as per your needs. The problem with most LEDs, as well as most lights, is that because they have such low power output, they don't have a great beam angle, and you can use the lights only for on camera work or small spaces. Here is where the Apurture 300d Mark ii comes in. It has many features that its previous iteration as well as other lights on the market have, namely the ability to lower brightness all the way to 1%, control beam angle, battery powering options and have attachments for controlling final output. What it has that its competitors don't, is that it has all these and some more, and the brightness is almost blinding at peak brightness, especially with its new modifiers, in all but the soft box fixture mode. All this at a reasonable $1100 (I personally wish it was $999 instead), making it a viable option for lower budget indies. I saw this video and I think we may have finally arrived at that point where one light may actually replace many types of lights. What do you guys think?



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There are plenty of good LCD lights out now. You just have to have several of them and use bounce and diffusion panels, boxes, even naked at a distance to get what you need. This is not Rocket Science. Not something new. It is just using new tech.

And you can't really get by with just one of those lights. So that is a pretty expensive rig for the average person. If you are a Solo shooter lighting has to be a hell of a lot more streamlined than those kinds of rigs. That is more studio stuff. I have several of the little USB powered LCD small handheld lights and they work pretty damn good at small distances. But I have diffusion panels, boxes for the big time stuff I never do anymore lol. That stuff really never goes out of style, just the lighting Medium..

If you have a Big Boy Breaker Box you can buy the old Analog lighting stuff now for peanuts. In the winter time you might appreciate them lol. Summer time, not so much.


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