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BMMCC - Huge kit

Mattias Burling

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Cleaning out some excess gear. This is a Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera with pretty much everything you need.
PM if interested. We can start at €950 and see if we have any takers. 
I can ship with ease within the EU but also Canada/USA even though that might be expensive.


The kit contains:
BMMCC body
Metabones BMPCC-EF Speedbooster
iKan VL35 Monitor
URSA-mini handle
One Little Remote v4
Sandisk Extreme 512GB
Smallrig Cage
Rosette mount
URSA-mini handle
Radioproektor Breakout Box

As well as some extra bits and pieces like a speed booster support mount etc.

The only issue with any of it is the middle out of the three mounting points at the bottom of the camera. The other two works. And if you keep it in the cage you will never even see it let alone have any issues with not using it (the cage has more mounting holes than you can ever need).

The URSA-handle with the breakout box or through the Little remote v4 lets you start/stop, auto iris and AF.
The One Little Remote lets you:

* Focus
* White balance
* Zoom (with supported lens),
* Shutter angle,
* Audio levels.
* Codec selection (Micro Cinema only)
* Frame rate selection
* Auto focus
* Auto exposure
* focus stops
* remote control up to 80m

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