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- Letus Helix Jr (w/ Pelican Case, 3 batteries and accessories).
   - 2 x Big Batts + 1 x Lightweight Batt
   - Standard Plate + Long Monitor Mount (excellent for backward counter-weight)
   - Custom Made 4xD-Tap output cable (cost a shitload to make)
   - Sony Dedicated Power Cable for powering Sony Cameras
   - Depending on what camera is intended, I will throw in xtras such as quick release, cables, cage, etc.
   - And of course dedicated Pelican Case with Owners Manual and rest of accessories I seen in pictures.

AUD$750 ( This is cheap.... trust me ).

- Lenzhound Wireless Follow Focus w/ thumbwheel for gimbals.
   - Lenzhound Cine Package incl. Geared Focus + Rubber Band Focus options.
   - Overly expensive thumb wheel which sits atop the Right Helix Handle for easy focusing with thumb.
   - Wireless Follow Focus Control Unit - for preset focusing options + 1st Cam Assistant Wireless Focusing.
   - Custom Male Mini-USB to Male Mini-USB for powering Lenzhound from Monitors with 5v Power Outputs.
   - Dedicated Yellow Pelican-like Case + Xtra Cables, Rubber Bands, everything you'll ever need for focusing.

Add Lenzhound (+$200) to Helix Package for a total of:

AUD$950 ( This is really really cheap... seriously, trust me ).

- Nyrius Aries Pro Wireless HD Video Transmitter VideoSplit
   - Surprisingly very effective and interference free wireless video transmitter. Up to 300m.
   - Depending on what system you are using I will provide the appropriate HDMi + Power Cables.
   - Includes HDMi Stick Transmitter + HDMi (via cable) Box Receiver.
   - Dedicated 12vDC Power Battery + I've included a Phone Power Bank excellent for powering the Nyrius.
   - Includes original box, all included hardware, cables, accessories and owner's manual.

Add Nyrius (+$100) to the Lenzhound (+$200) & Helix (+$750) for a grand total of:

AUD$1050 + Shipping where necessary. ( This is totally, out of this world, insanely cheap... trust me!!!!! )

Australian Dollars - PayPal or Bank Transfer or Cash on Pick Up Please.












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