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Intra esting patch help please!!!


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Hello, I am new to the forum and to the GH2 hacked. I've got Andrew's guide (thank you Andrew for your great work) and I hacked the camera for the first time, everything worked great.
After that I wanted to hacke it again with the Intra esting patch, I hacked to factory settings and hacked once again with the patch, everything seems to work, except that I can not see the clips on the camera, if I heat play it comes out a message that tells me "this video can not be played" I turn off and on the camera and I can watch it. I am hacking the V10E firmware.
Also I edit with premiere cs4 pro, I can see that the image quality is improved a lot but I am wondering if the hack did work, the clip sizes are very small. An 8 gig SD card gives me 11 minutes of recording.
Maybe is the SD card? wich one will be the best one to use??
I thank you in advance for any help anyone can give me. I think GH2 hacked is fantastic and even if I have to leave my camera as it is I wont regret it. :) :)
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Hi, I have the same issue to see the footage on GH2. I just turn off and then on to see the clip.
I think your sd card is fine with the time.
My 32 gb card give me something like 43 minutes with intra esting.
I use sandisk class 10 30 MB/s.

Very stable and good.
Good luck.
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Thank you Francisco for your answer, I downloaded 5DtoRGB to see the bit rate and it was very low, something like 20, wich is lower than what the camera promise out of the box ( I guess the program reads the bit rate correctly?)
So I hacked again with one of the patches from the Eos guide (the 176 mbits) it worked well, I can see the clips in the camera with no problem. I try the new files on 5DtoRGB and it gives me a reading of 70.1 mbits on 24H clips and 74.76 on 24L. I know 24H supost to be higher but anyway...I am happier than before with the result. The clips look good to me.
Thanks again, good luck for you too.
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