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    • By kgv5
      I shot this recently, what a beautiful place to visit!! BMPC4k with glidecam DGS, canon 16-35f2.8 L II, canon 70-200 f2.8 IS II L, sigma 24 f1.8.
    • By hugonobay
      Hey guys,

      I recently bought a flycam nanon dslr ( http://www.proaimshop.com/pas/FLYCAM...k-Release.html )

      And would like to tell you how good it is.

      -It is easy to set up
      -Quick to learn how to use
      -Great build quality

      If there are any other questions please ask, other wise it is a great stabeliser for its money.
    • By Benjamin Gadberry
      Hey folks, so I did a search of the forums looking for a topic that discussed the question I'm asking, but didn't come up with anything conclusive, other than that many purchasers of the Glidecam HD 1000 regretted their purchase and wished they had bought the 2000.     I'm trying to decide what the best option is for my GH3––I currently shoot with the 14mm f2.5, and would like to use a Glidecam. I'd also want to use my Rode Video Mic and heavier lenses possibly in the future.    Does anyone here with GH3/Glidecam experience have any pointers? Which Glidecam is best for the GH3 with accessories? Would the HD 2000 work with just the GH3 body/battery/SD card if I wasn't doing a shoot that required my Rode mic?   Thanks a bunch––this forum seems cool!
    • By pchristoph
      My GH2's continue to get used in the most demanding of environments. I shot this corporate piece using GH2's in minus 20 weather in Edmonton, Canada back in November. Not a single card error or power issue, using Flowmotion 2.02. Cameras were rock solid. The weather made the grease in the takumar lens barrels pretty sluggish but everything held up great for the exterior shots. I continue to use a full minus green gel fixed against the sensor and manually WB for superb balanced colors with zero green cast for all interior and exterior conditions. I used a Kessler pocket dolly for slides and an hd400 glidecam for upping the production value. Lift shots we're from a 60ft Genie we hired out. Interviews were shot with 50mm and 35mm (with speedbooster). Interior interview lighting was with a 1k to a 5x3 bounce and a couple of Lowell pro kickers for hair and background lighting. Edited and coloured in the much improved FCPX 10.1
    • By Matthew Marshall
      Im in need of some advice. I have a full Redrock UltraCage setup. Backplate everything and power distribution system connected to a V-Mount battery. Its heavy to say the least. I bought the Steadicam Merlin and body brace. Which worked with just the dslr, well even with the beginning parts of the ultracage. However with the full ultracage and battery it is far too heavy.
      Im in need of a scale for sure, however does anyone have any suggestions for good heavy duty heavy camera stabilizers? Im concerned the Glidecam 4000 doesn't support the weight I need it to support.
      Additional accessories on the camera
      Marshall LCD
      H4N Zoom
      Sennheiser boom mic with blimp windscreen
      Its all very heavy and most I can find only support 4-10 lbs
      Ultracage setup
      Ultracage backpack and v-mount battery attachment
      Shoulder support (which I could very well remove without much effort that in itself is heavy)
      MatteBox (id like to use this however i can remove it)
      Id like one that i can just lock onto with a Manfrotto quick release plate whenever I need a steadicam shot and not have to take the whole ultracage apart just to do it.
      Thanks in advance.
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