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FS: Möller Anamorphot 32/2x


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Selling a Möller Anamorphot 32/2x. This is quite a rare scope but what makes this even more rare is that it has Gold/Orange/Purple flares! I've owned several of these over the last few years and this is the only one I've ever seen with these warm flares. 

The bad: The glass is not perfect. There is slight coating loss on the back element due to previous overzealous cleaning and the front has some micro marks most likely by the same cause.

The good: The image is beautiful with above 'bad' having absolutely no affect whatsoever. In fact the spectacular flares are probably due to this. When direct light hits this, it lights up like Christmas. It's a very sharp scope with great vintage ana look.

Please watch some tests here: 

Selling for €450

Please DM me if you've any questions.









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I have one of these lenses which is surplus to my needs. The lens is in fantastic condition with a beautiful  purple/blue hue to the front and rear coatings in perfect condition, the markings and paintwork are also unmarked. The protective Perspex ‘pot’ has some scuffs on the outside from adjacent objects in the storage cupboard being used. The lens has had little use and none in the past 5 years. 
I would be happy to discuss selling the lens if it’s of any interest. 
please contact me on chris@ctml.co.uk


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