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Panasonic GH5
$1550 shipped

Purchased last year. Used on a short film and some home video. Great condition.

Comes with
4 batteries,
Freetril 128gb V60 card
Lexar 128gb 1000x

( both cards can do 4k 400mbps and 4k 60p)

Sigma 18-35mm Nikon Mount
$610 shipped 

Great condition, purchased used on ebay. No imperfections in the glass. The auto focus piece was removed to do a manual aperture mod. Never got around to doing the mod, but never put the auto focus board back in as I never use auto focus on the sigma. Comes with a Lens Turbo II Nikon to m43 speedbooster, also in great condition. This allows adjustment of the aperture.

Olympus 17mm 1.8
$285 shipped

Purchased used but was in flawless condition and still is. Nice fast little auto focus lens.

Olympus 45mm 1.8
$185 shipped

Just bought this little guy, perfect condition.

email me for the quickest response you can try calling my home phone but I am not around a lot.

I am open to offers but the prices are pretty solid. If you are in the Detroit area I am open to meeting in person and exchanging.

Open to trades for a Fuji Xt2 or XH1. Also would be open to Fuji lenses. If you want the entire bundle I could give you a deal.















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      Was originally thinking the Tamron G2 but the stabilisation looks sticky for panning. Thoughts / experiences? Anyone using the Sigma 24-70 Art on Canon and can comment on the stabilisation -is it sticky, is it jerky? Mixed reports on internet, some say it’s not effective at all, some say it’s better than the Tamron. Limited footage out there - what I’ve seen looks ok...
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